Hot Relations

boys2On Fridays, I have to remind you to watch the new Karelasyon episode on GMA, where topics are risqué and the boys are, well, sexier. This weekend’s episode, as lifted from the show’s PR, features Mark Neumann, Mark McMahon and Jay Arcilla with Kris Bernal.

boys1Kris Bernal plays a newly-hired maid to these naughty boys who try to seduce Kris as they placed a bet on who will bed her first. Will they succeed with their bet or something unplanned will happen to them as a consequence? (printed as-is from the PR)

Karelasyon airs tomorrow at 2.30 p.m. after Eat Bulaga on GMA.

New Man


Mark Neumann licks his gay bar past. That’s how the headline should be. The up and coming young actor is now one of the go-to guys in TV5. He’s getting noticed, too, outside his home station.

M12One thing admirable about Mark is that he’s acknowledging issues head-on. Recently, there was a wank video that surfaced with his likeness on it. He admitted the hard evidence, saying it was “Human error. I was young, I did my mistakes and I learn from them.” How impressive is that?

mark1 mark2

mark3 mark4

I say it again to all the lazy ugly fucks out there: it’s all about dedication, perseverance and hard work. Of course, good looks played well for this German-Filipino-Croatian guy.  He has definitely risen above his Club 690 days. Good for him and he deserves all the success in the world.



One of the newer actors who might just make it big next year is Mark Neumann. I  would like to think I’m good at predictions now after that Enrique-Alden-JM bit, and my bet’s on this actor from the other pond, TV5.  He’s cute and charming and good in his craft. In February 2016 he’ll be appearing in this small movie called Ang Taba Ko Kasi (loosely translated: I’m such a lard-ass!), an entry in the CineFilipino 2016 Film Festival.

Fresh new man

Mark98It was bound to happen and I have a good feeling about this boy! Mark Neumann is finally going all-out sexy, well, in this case, shirtless-and-jeans-sexy as he prepares for bigger things in his showbiz career. There’s something cute and nice and bold about a young man just beginning to make his way in the world. In his case, the wayward showbiz world.

Mark copyMark is one of TV5’s newest actors on the leading-role block. The 21-year-old German-Filipino is not just a pretty pound of boy-meat as, according to his bio, he was “educated in England where he was born and raised, with a degree in Travel and Tourism.”