Des Garçons

Let us take a moment to take a quick look back at some of the boys who dropped trou exactly three years ago today at the Bench Naked Truth show. One of my favorite sequences was that of these four little boys, who tried to outdo one another with their fifteen seconds of arena fame. Who had the best bulge? The cutest nips? The sickest abs? Thanks to these naked teases but the only question left to ask now is – When will the next show happen? November 18 at the MOA?

Magic Men

There’s a new group called Pinoy Magic Men, and it’s wonderfully composed of boys from all walks and uh, persuasion in local show business. I featured the first three members before – Vin, Albie and Marco – off to the US for a series of shows with drag queens. The other half of the team is made up of Jay, Markki and Victor, who – if you ask me – could still give the younger ‘uns a run for their milk money.


Our favorite singer-actor-host Markki Stroem is happy and gay, again. Or jovial. With a booming showbiz career, the Norwegian-Filipino cutie/hunk is certainly in high heavens these days. He’s also in a loving relationship, and that is most important. Of course, that banging bod is cherry on the sundae.

Markki Strong

MarkkiOn weekends, we go vanilla. No balls, holes and various nasty bits and pieces.  Our favorite underwear-boy-of-the-moment is, of course, back for more bulge showoff. Markki Strøm may have been over-exposed lately, but I’m not complaining: he’s one fine boy and admit it, he looks good in that pornstache!

The Latest

Markki11Markki maybe keeping it extra low key when it comes to talking about his relatively new relationship, but the couple’s common friends are convinced: it’s true love already! After traveling abroad together to attend the wedding of partner’s dear friend (Markki is the plus one, that is lovely and out and proud!), the couple has been spotted wearing identical poesy ring necklaces! How cute is that? Is marriage in the offing?



Whoa! Markki posted this photo in his social media account lately and my first reaction was, he’s doing this sexy “boyfriend twin phenomenon!” You know, doppelbanger, lookalike boyfriends. When someone dates a person who looks like themselves.  Markki’s looking more and more like his current beau (“their facial hair must have been carved by the same blade”). I’m happy he’s happier now.


When Markki Stroem did this lovely little movie called Amor y Muerte (2013), he had a lot of skin-baring scenes. Just when we thought there couldn’t be any more naked hotness from Markki (as he’s practically in undies in this site all the time), along comes this very important (to us) scene from his movie.  Enjoy.

M & M

MarkMuch has been said about Markki (top) and Martin (bottom). There is always a narrative whenever I post photos of the two. Maybe it’s their boldness in appearing half-naked for Bench Body. Maybe it’s their respective talents in the entertainment industry.

MartinAside from their remarkable physical attributes, we got too fascinated with their happy and colorful personal lives, too. I doff my hat to these two boys, not just for purposes of beauty and physical attraction, but for their being well-rounded. We have to love our own.

Strøm und Drang

MarkkiIt is hard to point to Markki Strøm‘s greatest asset. I guess it would have to be his voice and the way he sings. These days, Markki multitasks from singing to acting and modeling in neoprene underwear for Bench Body. While I prefer his modeling in undies bit, I’m also buying his music because heck, a handsome boy with a beautiful singing voice is balm for the weary soul!

Stripped as I can be


Because we never get tired of seeing his bod.., er, bulge and handsome mug, here’s another Markki Stroem image in standard Bench Body briefs. Yes, he’s one of the favorites  these days in the underwear company’s backlot (or basement) and we’ll be seeing more of him in racy, risqué pictures soon!

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