Sunny Orlando

orlando sol

One of the most featured guys ever since this site was put up (8 years and counting!) is Orlando Sol and you know the reason why: he’s always nekkid in his photos. Although you’ve seen every bump, nook and crevice in his delightful body, somehow he still manages to stir some loins with a new photo. He’s still a hottie in my books, if you ask me.

David damn fine

davidmainI’m not actually sure if he’s a cutie or a hunky guy. I’m pretty certain he is very appealing. And hot. When I first posted a photo of new Masculados Dos member David Karrel, there was a clamor for more images of the handsome Cebuano in, of course, tiny bikinis. Admittedly, he’s the anti-type in the group – clean-cut, boy-next-door member in contrast to the rugged, street men look of the others.

David Karell  copySince there is a dearth of new images of David as a Masculados member, I guess I’ll just have to populate this post with his relatively older photos, back when he had a predilection for bikini competitions and summer-wear fashion shows. He’s such a delight, this David guy! See more after the jump Continue reading David damn fine

Down and durrrty

ozuongIf you noticed the Masculados flooding in this degenerate site lately, it’s because these boys, er, men are always nekkid! Teasing and pleasing in all their sweaty muscly glory. I can’t complain, of course. Our Hump Day boy, for instance, is member Ozu Ong, the one with the butch cut.  It seems he’s getting a certain high (and a stiffy) sniffing the coming summer air.

Men in ‘kinis

masculadosYes, the bikini is not dead and real men still wear the tiny, silhouette-boosting swimwear! These are the Masculados Dos men, who sing and gyrate to suggestive songs. Take your pic, from left: Ozu Ong, new member Fernando Zomera, Orlando Sol, Enrico Mofar, Robin Robell, new member David Karrel, and Nico Cordova. Who’s your bet?

Cute Member

bernardAn 18-year-old Sumera (left) before transforming into a hunky Fernando (right) 3 years later.

The newest member of the bump-and-grind group of sexy men, Masculados Dos is a cutie! His name is Fernando Zomera (Bernard Joseph Sumera in the real world, and no, his nickname is not BJ!).  The 6′-tall native of Paombong, Bulacan formerly did the rounds of the male personality contests (Manhunt 2012, Mr. International Phils 2014, etc.) before finally calling it quits to join the Masculados Dos.