The nekkid athlete in the Metro Body Issue was really bare-naked after all in the shoot. Joaco Canas was in his birthday suit when he posed with just a pricey bag over his privates. How sexy can that be?

Enrique should always be nekkid

Because we love, love this barely legal actor, dancer and great tease, we want him nekkid all the time. Never mind the baby fat, he’s cute and hot at the same time. Well, he cranks up the charm when he’s dancing provocatively, too. Oh, Enrique‘s going to be big this year!

Metro Body: Rafa

Meet newbie actor Rafa Siguion Reyna. His father is a filmmaker and his mother a famous screenwriter. After graduating with a Communications degree in New York University, he’s bent on pursuing his showbiz dreams in Manila. So far, he’s done theater, tv guest appearances, and this.

Metro Body: Jason

And lastly, we have Jason Abalos doing that bag-over-privates thing for the Body Issue of Metro magazine. Incidentally, Jason celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago. Don’t ask me if he’s in his late 30s, though. The thing is, he still looks awfully sexy!

Metro Body: Raphael

Oh, pitlovers rejoice! Here’s another one of dem boys flaunting some dark and musky underarms. His name is Raphael Robes, tall, youngish and an up-and-coming model from the same stable of Joseph Marco and Mark Lopez (Metro Bodies last year).  Raph is a third year student at the University of Asia and the Pacific, where he also plays college hoops.

Metro Body: Joaco

That is professional football player Joaco Canas, who has been in the country for a few months already and he’s stripping down to the bare essentials for the Body Issue of Metro Magazine. When the Spanish goalie is not playing for the Loyola Meralco Sparks in the United Football League, he’s off modelling for designers and commercial brands.

Metro Body: Victor and then some

How about Victor Basa wearing nothing but some manly scent and his privates covered by a Ferragamo bag? No? Not doing it for you again, eh?
Well, maybe this one? Victor for his new endorsement Cotton Club underwear, formerly worn by Jason Abalos and Aljur Abrenica

Metro Body: Jake

Philippine Volcanoes member Jake Letts┬ánever fails to dizzy-dazzle in the Sexy Department. Remember his Bench Body ad a few years ago with his team mates? The one that generated some controversy along EDSA. Well, he’s taking it a notch higher this time for the Body Issue of Metro Magazine by posing in the buff with just a Balenciaga Padlock All Time Tote to hide away the family jewels. Hawt!

Metro Bodies: The Brothers Cruz

Of course, I’m going to ask yet again: Who’s hotter? The brothers Cruz are gym rats, you can actually tell from their hot, hot bods. But who’s doing it for you? Rodjun the Elder, with the ripped bod and cute face? Or Rayver the Younger, with the concave sternum and the fair features?

TomDen Forever

It’s the battle of the pits as 2013 tv’s most successful couple raise their arms [and lower their pants] for the Body Issue of Metro Magazine. Who’s your pet, err, bet? Is it Tom Rodriguez, baring his best pit shot? Or Dennis Trillo, gamely posing with a pricey bag to cover his privates?  
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