How about Mikael Daez, the sexy and calm one? He’s been off the radar recently, quietly making a living on tv with some shows here and there. He’s also an underwear model for quite some time now, oft times in conservative boxer briefs. You’ve seen his dick, anyways, way back. Still hot af.

Mik Test

How do you lust after a wholesome guy? Put him on the beach in skin-tight boxer shorts. Mikael Daez might not be your garden variety matinee idol, but he surely is putting in some points in the sex appeal department. The regular underwear photos in the worldwide web are a plus. (Not the dickfies, silly!)

The Original

mik1 mik2

While we’re on the topic, Mikael Daez is one of the original . . . .  showbiz actors who ventured into underwear modeling. Despite his racy past, he’s back baring and daring for the local undergarments company. We had a glimpse of his long schlong some time back, and we’re just happy now that he’s a bit covered up.

Dream boy

mik2mik1Anyone who’s an underwear model will always have a permanent space in this wayward blog. Mikael Daez is a regular because he’s just plain dreamy in undies. Here’s another sexy guy (“our boy’s got a jawline for days”) with a unique look that makes him stand out from the pretty boys in the bunch.

Swarthy stud

Mik12 copy

Heck, yeah! I would like to define Mikael Daez as a swarthy stud. It’s quite admirable that he was able to gamely take on come-hither underwear endorsements despite his lurid past (otherwise known as naked bathroom selfies during the period of his youthful wild abandon).  He’s now a successful tv actor so let’s give him mad props for that, too.



Despite the rains over the weekend, hunky Mikael Daez  is keeping it hot and balmy on prime time tv, where he’s seen working his charm. I find his looks rather endearing, despite his outside-the-box features.  Mikael exudes a confidence and a comfort in his own skin that makes him extra sexy. Happy Monday everyone!

Au naturel

IMG_3064You might have seen Mikael Daez before in the buff, in his younger years’ dickfie. These days, he’s all covered up and well, decent and appropriate.  He’s also an underwear endorser, so there’s still that bit of sexy in him sometimes when he shows up in the brand’s ads. Monday, Mr. Daez brings us  nearly-naked presents!

Your boy has a jawline for days


And yeah, Mikael Daez is one of the few underwear endorsers who can really hack it. Beautous maximus, with well-defined bulges here and there. Tall, dark and with a handsome mug, the 27-year-old hunk is currently focused on his underwear endorsement,  funny bits on prime time Friday tv and afternoon soaps. Obviously we’re more interested in his undergarments projects.


mikReluctant underwear model and tv actor Mikael Daez may not be our cookie-cutter hunk but he definitely has his charms. With his unconventional attractive appearance and talent, he’s slowly making his way into showbiz consciousness. In case you didn’t know, Mikael has a business management course from the Ateneo. Now, that’s something to crow about.



Of all the angular, square jawed men in local showbiz today, Mikael Daez is my favorite. Well, there’s not much angular, square jawed men in local showbiz, but Mik is out there, prominently parading as another underwear endorser. Rarely do we see this 27-year-old actor in his undergarments, and I hope he’ll fit into those tiny underthings for a photo shoot soon.

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