Boys in undies

Mike’s tan

Mike Tan1 copy

We may never understand how he didn’t quite make it to the top, but Mike Tan of GMA is still hanging on. Recently, he accepted an underwear endorsement while he’s still solid and sturdy. With a lean bod, killer legs and an impish grin, the boy’s one fine specimen these days.

Ejay’s falcon

Ejay110 copyA baby falcon is called an eyass. It grows up to become a mighty peregrine.  That’s a bit of a trivia down there and I am glad I can give you small information from time to time.  You need to understand, too, that it ain’t all about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion in the ocean. But I’m rambling, I apologize. This is Ejay Falcon endorsing underwear.

Candy cuties in undies

IMG_1405Throwback to this image of Dominic Roque modeling Bench Body underwear. The past year wasn’t really a banner year for this cute little actor. He has appeared in quite a couple of shows on ABS-CBN as supporting character, and we miss those days when he was way up there in the lead. Plus, his underwear photos are sorely missed, too.

MikeTanAhh, Mike Tan. How do I start with this one? He’s in the biz for quite some time already and it’s all a-ok for his supporting bits on GMA. Of course, he has always been a favorite in this site, with or without clothes on. More on the latter, needless to say.

diniz12Cutesome would be a word to describe young Brazilian model Daniel Diniz. Sometimes it is just enough to look and gaze at a fine specimen. In the doldrums of post holiday blues, Daniel in boxer briefs is balm for the weary soul indeed.

Lim + Tan

XIan LimLo and behold! It’s Xian Lim shirtless! It is one of those rare occasions when the actor takes off his shirt for a shoot, ever since he hit the popularity jackpot in showbiz. While he may be getting all the Douchebag and Asshat Awards lately, it doesn’t mean I can’t call him hot this time. Today, in this pic.

MikeTanThere’s actually no connection or similarity with Xian (or maybe you can surmise). I just want to post him here again.  Of course, you’ve seen Mike Tan in various underwear photos before. This time he’s in a different pair of tight boxer briefs and peculiar pose, so he deserves another feature.

Flesh and flash

miketanIf there’s one thing in common between these boys, it would have to be their being unlikely underwear models. Well, make it two: they are meek and quiet. They speak softly and carry big sticks. I think.  Magic Mike Tan is sexy in all kinds of ways – tall frame, lean bod, bulges in the right places, and of course, a handsome face to boot. And meek and quiet.

VictorNow, Victor Basa, too. Still remember his tag in the Big Brother House a few years back? The Lonely Dreamboy. He’s utterly reserved with an excruciatingly sad air. Don’t we just love his mysterious aura up until now? Plus the sturdy legs, the luscious lips, the strong arms, that mighty bump down there. I could go on. And meek and quiet.