Sit Down!

Does he ever get tired of his dick? Does he ever get tired of dicks? Have we gone blasé about the whole thing? This day’s main feature is our resident exhibitionist and cam performer, who has done almost every possible venereal exploit on the worldwide web. Are we even impressed now? (more…)



Gratuitous nudity and sexy shirtlessness is the theme for this weekend. Not that it’s the theme all throughout the year in this wayward site. Today’s extra special, because – love him or hate him – he’s got a huge surprise for us all! We need more photos like these and they can’t be shared enough.




I got this from the mail and though there’s nothing serious or naked in these shots, it would be gay travesty not to share. Piolo Pascual and Luis Manzano are in a playful mood, it would be enough to make the girls and girls alike swoon, with a few stirring in their loins.

miko1 miko2


And then again, maybe the boys can be as naughty and indecent as this one on cam.

Workout Boys!

Snap out of the weekend deadness and get your lazy ass back on track. Get motivated to have a nice body and healthy lifestyle. Speaking of motivated, here are some boys who regularly go to the gym for that bangin’ bod-


Erstwhile teenybopper Diego Loyzaga gets pumped (in a good way).


Benjamin Alves proves he’s no sissyboy as he does the battle ropes!


Carlos Agassi does what he does best. In his Guitar underwear!


Miko Pasamonte works out in his undies, too. (Let’s play a game of spot the photoshopped/distorted areas in this picture.)

Monday sucks!


So here’s a pick-me-upper: our favorite indie queer movie boy doing what he does best. He’s putting on a show and it’s hot, hot, hot! There’s a video and I wish I can post the lengthy 28-minutes (gasp!) suck-and-shlick show. In the meantime, here are some select scenes. I’m pretty sure you can visualize how it goes. Happy Monday everyone!

Baring and Daring

miko09 Mik1 copy

Into our lives, some sleaze must fall. Or maybe perk us up midway through the weekend. So dear salacious lot, here’s Miko Pasamonte pondering in his pinkies what’s next for his indie movie career. The whole baring and daring thing is looking good this season!


And for your dose of sleaze, our favourite indie boy of gay films of yore, Miko Pasamonte. He’s still cute and daring, but more on the dark side. Miko’s not that visible lately in showbiz, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be bolder if the independently-produced movies with queer themes will be the fad again.

Naked As He Came

Our favorite indie boy Miko Pasamonte will hit [heat] the indie movie screens this August as his much-anticipated movie The Escort finally gets a schedule. The Escort is about a pragmatic sex worker [read: practical prostitute, wily whore] who learns what it is to fall in love. From a story of Hawaii-based writer Lance Collins and the direction of Monti Parungao [Sagwan, Bayaw], watch out for The Escort this August!   

Indie Boys

Mark your calendars for these hot movies featuring cute comers. At 9 p.m. on Friday, 27 July 2012, the movie Pikit Mata [Blind Submission] will be screened at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute as part of the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2012 Exhibition. It stars sexy newbie Jay Austria [in photo], who figures in daring and shocking scenes with movie vet Romano Vasquez.

On the other hand, cutie Miko Pasamonte is back with another gay movie, Kumpare. According to the PR – The movie is the story of a bisexual married man’s forbidden love affair with his mysterious handsome neighbor and his discreet sexual desires over a group of male buddies. With its insurmountable atmosphere of fatalistic and lustful danger, Kumpare invites you for a nighttime voyeurism encounter. Be prepared for a sweaty and kinky experience. So there.

The Pink Experience

Mark the dates: “The Pink Experience“, a selection of gay films from around the world, will be held on March 19 and 20 (Monday and Tuesday) at the UP Film Center. Screening time is 2:30, 5:00 and 7:30pm. The event is made possible by TLA Releasing and Lexuality Entertainment. Tickets at PHP100 only. In photo is Miko Pasamonte, the lead actor for “The Escort“, the next offering from Lexuality Entertainment. Coming soon this year.
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