Andrew Smith wins 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit

[Andrew Smith, winner]

[John Lopez, 1st RU]
[Al Galang, 2nd RU]
UPH was disappointed. Not just disappointed but devastated-disappointed. Aside from the fact that his bets Adrian Racho and Kim Gantioqui did not even make it to the semis of the Mossimo-Bikini Summit 2007, which we attended earlier, the boy who won was rather, er, fat. Relatively, that is, as there were far more abs-laden male contestants there. The annual bikini-fest proclaimed as male division winner, the chunky Andrew Smith, who had gorgeous facial features and pear-shaped bod [notwithstanding the bulge, the bulge!]. Pageant veteran, the contrived John Lopez was a near-miss at the first runner-up position while huge-crotched Al Galang landed second runner-up honors. More photos coming up soon.

Adriano Erotico!

Adriano Zabala Jr., better known as Adrian Zabala of the hunky Viva Hotmen, is 25 years old, 5’10” tall and a graduate of BS Computer Science from the University of Santo Tomas. Prior to joining the song-and-dance-and grind group, he was a model for the runway shows of Bench [One Night Only], Levi’s, Mossimo and Jockey. Even before that, he joined bikini contests in his native Cebu City: Jamaican Nights [1st RU], Ultimate Body [winner], and Bikini Open-Cebu [winner]. At the 2002 Mossimo Boracay Bikini Summit, he landed 1st runner-up to eventual winner Brent Javier. That was when he started to get offers in Manila, the culmination of which was as member of the sexy boy-group Viva Hotmen. Now that his group has disbanded, Adrian is now managing the family-owned hotel in Surigao City. [Bit of back-fence talk: He used to live in that odd condominium building at the corner of Laong Laan and Mayon Sts., near the flea market. He lived there alone. And when things got a little lonely, he preferred them brawny, bruiser and beefcake.]

Redux: Hermann Gerhard Weber

Organizers of the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit [Take it Underground] have finally raised the money for the venue. It will be held on 21 April at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City. So all the fuss and mystery about taking it to an underground venue to accommodate a “reggaethon” was just plain puff to hide the real prob. All’s well for now.

I’m putting here not-in-any-set photos [sent in by a good friend who shall remain anonymous for now but do visit his site at for more] of my favorite at last year’s contest: Hermann Gerhard Weber, who eventually finished first runner-up to Jerome Ortiz. People can’t seem to get enough of him [as I do] but he has lately been holed up in his suburban Laguna house, unless there are good projects in Manila. His latest appearance was a photoshoot with Icon magazine [the Jon Mullally cover] together with fellow hotties Jon, John Lopez and Rei de Castro.