Bulging Through

I can’t blame the two dudes admiring/ogling at Angelo Cacciatore’s fine physical features. Ten years ago, the Italian ballet dancer was topping the odds to be the Mossimo winner (he was co-first runner-up with Geron Chang -read story and comments here and here –  to Jiro Shirakawa). This year, he’s gearing up to be the Century Tuna Superbods winner. Will he make it on finals night?

Wow Man

matthias2Speaking of “coming from nowhere,” here’s new model in town, Matthias Rhoads. In his sexy case, “nowhere” is Savannah, Georgia, where the Filipino-American hunk grew up.  He’s a showbiz hopeful, and he has the cred to back his bid: he had fundamental acting training in the US. As I have said before the hunks that excite me the most are those who offer more than just a handsome face and perfect body. Matthias is a perfect example of this.

Marvin Sia, hunky-cute chinito

Marvin Simon Sia first got noticed in a commercial for CloseUp toothpaste. In 2004, he won Colgate’s 1Million Pesos Trip Kita Challenge. The 5’9″-tall model then joined the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Grand Prix [won by Jerome Ortiz]. People always find an uncanny resemblance of this guy with Vanness Wu of the Asian boyband F4.