Dick-A-Day: Paul Espinosa

Paul Espinosa was another member of the 2005 calendar-boys group, Naked Hunks of the Philippines. The group was such a bumper crop of hunky-dory guys [who had no qualms showing their shtick and schlongs] , as compared to the present-day calendar boys picked from the streets and the sleaze halls. Too bad, the group did not have any 2006 or 2007 calendars. Paul Espinosa has also disappeared from the limelight.

Dicks-A-Day: Jack and Jay

Jack Gabaisen [left] and Jay Trias were part of the calendar boy-group ingeniously called Naked Hunks of the Philippines. They were one of the better-looking “models” in the group, which did the rounds then of sing-along and gay bars promoting their 2005 calendar. Although the group had a mild feverish success, they eventually disbanded and no 2006 calendar was put up. While Jack Gabaisen went on to appear as a bit player in the critically-panned Twilight Dancers flick, Jay Trias vanished into oblivion.

Dick-A-Day: Jay Trias

Again, don’t be mean, guys. Jay Trias has a nice bod, right? Jay was a member of the now-defunct Naked Hunks of the Philippines group. The imaginatively-named group, which came out with a calendar two years ago, also performed in sing-along and comedy bars in the metro, as, uh, models in between sets. Although they didn’t walk down the stage with dongs-a-dangling, they were fitted in the skimpiest underthings. Sadly, the careers of the guys-in-the-buff comprising the group, including Jay’s, was also short. I meant short-lived.