These models!

BiggsSome fly-in models have stayed in the country for better opportunities in modeling. I’m only too glad they did, because these opportunities sometimes require them to be in hotel bath tubs in their underwear! As part of some fashion show, of course. Nathan Leon Biggs is one of them.

hideoAnd then there’s Hideo Muraoka, primo nipo-brasileiro masculino modelo in the country today, who never fails to elicit the oohs and ahhs when he puts on those speedos. Of course, it’s summer and he’s way too hot!

Backstage and the scent of real men

SpeedoHail, hail the boys are here!  Backstage at recent underwear and sports fashion shows. Pheromones and macho sweaty body odor alert! Imagine the frenzy, the raw sexiness of it all: half-naked men walking, running around, each with  a unique look but all have, well, nice bodies. Crazy bodies, actually.

boys4Who’s your bet among the men? The usual culprits Ajdani, Macasaet, Irineu, McMahon, or even Topacio. What’s it like backstage with these men? Do they really have shrinking penises in the cold room? Or are they even nervous at all, thinking they’ll be sauntering, traipsing on stage in their underwear? One thing I am certain though: I want to be backstage in an underwear show.

Fly in

VinceWhere in the world is our favorite giraffe Vince Ferraren? The third guy (Spainhour + Ajdani) who made an impact on our collective consciousness as the tall and handsome model who posed provocatively for Bench Body ads in his undies has gone missing from our shores. He should come back, don’t you think? Vince’s awfully missed these days. In his undies, natch!

nathanWhat time is it? It’s 6 o’clock! Model Nathan Leon Biggs shows us.  Hot bod,legs and all. He’s still rockin’ it in those little underthings. Bulge, blob and bump, Mr. Biggs is smoking hot!

One by one all day

PauloWhile we may never see him in Bench Body underwear again, Paulo Avelino will always be our perennial sexy boy. So it goes that when we see him shirtless, with some hints of flesh here and there, pink nips added as bonus, the swooning and holywows continue. Just like in the latest photo above.

NathanLeonMister Bulgy Pants is  Nathan Leon Biggs, a cute-hunky model in our midst who’s busy modeling for TVCs, fashion shoots and the occasional runway projects. While the sultry-sweltry Brazilian fly-in models are making some noise, this 24-year-old British guy chooses to work quietly in the country, before leaving again to look for other modeling assignments in Asia.