Hot Cop

Not all is dark and bleak on the police front. Neil Perez is here to brighten our racy day, with his newest underwear ad for his catalog endorsement. I’m not sure how he manages these things – juggling body armor, batons and briefs, but we’re happy he’s posing in undies.

Police Perez

Continuing our real-bulge series of underwear endorsers, here’s cop-turned-sex-object Mariano Flormata and his nightstick.  While I’m not really sure if he’s still on police duties nobly defending the land and our people, I’m quite certain he’s perfecting the art of peacocking in social media, in states of undress (undies).



It’s a Monday and I’m too lifeless to make a post yet.

The pageant season is not over yet as Neil Perez, the Philippines’ first Mister International, ushers in the, well, Mister International contest this month in Bangkok. Time to drool over the hunky contestants then, including our rep Miguel Guia and Brazil’s Ivo Cavalcanti.

A bit of gossip: Kirk Marmoset was spotted with Raving Tsunami in a famous zip code abroad. Punch drunk love or mere friends exploring the nether regions of the place?  Has Kirk truly gotten over that heartbreak with Shrivel Antacids? Does Raving Tsunami still hate me?

Neil Delight

Neil031 copyYes, Neil Perez says everything is fine. I wouldn’t mind a repeat post on this one. He’s in bed in all his exotic goodness. Sometimes, all a man has to do is lie down and not do anything except for his beauty to radiate (and maybe explode). Neil is achingly sexy in more ways than one, and this photo is just one of them arguments for his Royal Hunkiness.