Police Perez

Continuing our real-bulge series of underwear endorsers, here’s cop-turned-sex-object Mariano Flormata and his nightstick.  While I’m not really sure if he’s still on police duties nobly defending the land and our people, I’m quite certain he’s perfecting the art of peacocking in social media, in states of undress (undies).



It’s a Monday and I’m too lifeless to make a post yet.

The pageant season is not over yet as Neil Perez, the Philippines’ first Mister International, ushers in the, well, Mister International contest this month in Bangkok. Time to drool over the hunky contestants then, including our rep Miguel Guia and Brazil’s Ivo Cavalcanti.

A bit of gossip: Kirk Marmoset was spotted with Raving Tsunami in a famous zip code abroad. Punch drunk love or mere friends exploring the nether regions of the place?  Has Kirk truly gotten over that heartbreak with Shrivel Antacids? Does Raving Tsunami still hate me?


Where do former Misters International go?  They become supermodels and actors and famous persons.  Mr. International 2014 Neil Perez added “underwear catalog model” to his credentials and he looks smashing! What else can’t he not do?

The lump in the front

NeilSince there has been a decline in the number of men wearing budgie smugglers for the past few years – as men’s swimwear has evolved into the long board shorts, male personality contests remind handsome boys that scanty is the way to go. Mister International Neil Perez shows us how.

Neil Delight

Neil031 copyYes, Neil Perez says everything is fine. I wouldn’t mind a repeat post on this one. He’s in bed in all his exotic goodness. Sometimes, all a man has to do is lie down and not do anything except for his beauty to radiate (and maybe explode). Neil is achingly sexy in more ways than one, and this photo is just one of them arguments for his Royal Hunkiness.

International Man

Neil PerezA couple of days ago, Neil Perez ended his “reign” as Mister International by passing on his “crown” to the new winner. He may not be Mr. International anymore, but Neil doesn’t need a title to be this sexy chunk of a man, always admired for his beauty, character, demeanor and of course, uh, crotch.

Jeans Open

Everything started with Edward Mendez when he came out with his own version of the groin-showing denim shot. Everyone thought it’s perfectly fine to do just that, coming from a legit model, actor and fitness instructor. It helped that it was shot for a calendar by a well-known photog.

Neil copyMr. International 2014 Neil Perez wanted to do it but was coy about the whole idea of showing pubes and all. He had to hold back.  Meanwhile the bikini boys followed suit – bolder, of course.


Hobart Cervantes is all dark bush, like seventies bush.


While Aeron Cruz is, well, happy with The Chaplin for his undergrowth.

IMG_4136The latest guy with the sexy open denim shot is June Macasaet. Of course, he can do anything in the Baring and Daring Department, but this is the first time he’s off showing his pubic area that low. Which happens to be bare: the underbrush has been cleared!

Misters for our sisters

NeilOur favorite police officer Mariano Flormata, Jr. is now in Seoul to compete in the Mister International pageant.  Of course, he has a huge chance of getting the title, whatever that will mean to the Filipino people. As for me, it would mean more images of the sexy guy in speedos and tiny undergarments! I can’t wait!

AdamDavies AdamDavies2While no one was looking late last year, Mariano’s cute runner-up in the Mister Philippines pageant, Adam Davies went to the Dominican Republic to compete in the Mister Model International 2014. Yes, bulges and cream! Our bet didn’t get left behind as he brought with him the goods! He ended up 3rd runner-up or something, and I guess that is a good thing.

Oh Mariano!

MarianoFlormata copy

Of course, he won. Police office Mariano Flormata Jr., a.k.a. Neil Perez  won the title Mr. International-Philippines at a recently held contest of virile young men. He’s off to Seoul, South Korea for the Mr. International pageant next month. Okay, bring in the cops-in-erotica fantasies! I’m thinking boots and handcuffs, badges and bulges!

Arresting Personality

Neil Perez1

I know. That was a cheap shot at the title. But this one’s a keeper. A cop in a bikini personality contest called Misters of the Philippines. Twenty-nine year old Neil Perez (or whatever his real name is) is making the rounds of media and social media for his extraordinary background in an unlikely competition event. He’s a sure winner.