Men in ‘kinis

masculadosYes, the bikini is not dead and real men still wear the tiny, silhouette-boosting swimwear! These are the Masculados Dos men, who sing and gyrate to suggestive songs. Take your pic, from left: Ozu Ong, new member Fernando Zomera, Orlando Sol, Enrico Mofar, Robin Robell, new member David Karrel, and Nico Cordova. Who’s your bet?


He’s the cutest member of the sexy male group Masculados Dos. Twenty-one year-old Nico Cordova never fails to elicit the most number of shrieks and screams from the audience whenever he performs with his group. The charming and sexy hunk is a political science grad from the University of Caloocan. Incidentally, Masculados Dos won the Best Novelty Album award at the PMPC Star Awards for Music held recently. UPH took the photos above.