Cute Puppy

Of all the underwear models for Bench/Body, Nico del Rosario takes the cake (or bulge) for his cuteness. He embodies clean-cut wholesomeness and good clean fun, although I think he’s an exception today. The smashin’ body and handsome mug factor in to the sexiness of this 25-year-old model, of course.

Fresh Boys

The other boys in the Bench underwear show are equally hot (if not hotter) as the banner men. Filipino-Lebanese student and varsity player Christian Salem (left) looks promising on the runway despite being a newbie. Bench favorite Nico del Rosario works his all-time sexy magic in skimpy briefs. It’s their turn to shine, too!

Cute Nico


Because he is! The younger brother of sexy Azkals hunk Anton del Rosario is making waves himself in the modelling world.  Twenty-two-year-old Niko del Rosario was in the Bench show and he made many heads turn. He was wearing tighty whities at that time.

Sweet and Fresh

Nikodel9 copy

One of the standouts in the go-see for the Bench fleshfest a few weeks ago was Nico del Rosario, younger brother of equally-hot Azkals main man Anton.  With his classic Asian good looks, Nico’s on his way soon to become a main endorser for the local brand.

The Brothers del Rosario

Who’s hotter? Who’s cuter? Will you go for 30-year-old Azkals main man Anton del Rosario, who was a bit daring during the 2012 Cosmo Bachelor Bash when he mooned the audience? Or the 20-year-old up-and-coming model Niko del Rosario, who can only go shirtless for now in fashion shows and shoots? I’ll take both chinitos, if you ask me.