Aiman Still Sexy

Even if he’s not that active in showbiz unlike his contemporaries in Provoq like, uh, like the..other guys, Aiman Perea aka Niko Arellano is still visible in modeling.  He’s in practically every major fashion show in town – Bench, Mossimo and that Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine show.  The tall and hairy Niko also owns a small greasy spoon as his business. Just a suggestion: since there is a new indie movie called Bola [about the lives of varsity basketball players and their benefactors], why not cast Niko Arellano in one of the roles as he’s tall, lean and sexy?

Niko Arellano does modeling

For the meantime, while movie and tv projects are scarce, erstwhile Provoq guy Niko Arellano a.k.a. Aiman Manuel Perea, takes hold of his modeling career.  The tall, bright and bubbly Hiphop Bro of Provoq was in the Bench Blackout [underwear] show last July, and at the annual Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash last September [shown in photo].  Too, he is now sporting mean dreadlocks in stark contrast to the clean-cut do when was still stripping for his group.

Niko waits..

It seems like most of the Provoq guys are on a roll these days.  The Johnron has a movie with Gabz del Rosario. Harry Chua is teasing all over that gay magazine called Frontman Reloaded.  Justin de Leon is in an indie flick called Paupahan.  And one of my favorite Provoq guys, Niko Arellano aka Aimann Perea is in, uh, inactive.  He deserves a big break, if you ask me.  Niko is funny and tall, spritely and sensual, and daring! Lex, how about a nice little movie about basketball?

Bringing back Niko

I recently came across this old [read: 5 years ago] photo of Aimann Manuel Perea aka Niko Arellano of the Men of Provoq, when he was 10lbs. heavier [hair included]. Niko is the tallest, funniest and well-liked member in his group. Plus he’s got a nice, lean and hairy bod, too. I was egging Lex Bonife [Parola, Antonio] to cast him, too, in one of his movies with Viva Digital. Lex was saying he is too tall, which makes it doubly difficult to find a partner for him. Any suggestions , guys?

Where is Niko Arellano ?

Aiman Manuel Perea, better known in the Provoq world as Niko Arellano, has always been one of my favorite guys in that group. Bubbly-sexy, this lean and tall hunk was once a candidate at the Mr. World Philippines search, where he revealed during the interview portion that he helps his family with the expenses by tending his own pares greasy spoon. As the Hiphop Bro of Provoq, Niko Arellano was the ultimate tease, too. Last seen bare-naked at the Cruise show, Niko has lately been inactive in the biz. Sorely missed, Digital Viva should give him more projects, too.

Cruise tonight!

Anthony Logan [in the Puma shirt] and Niko Arellano [who looks fresh and charming in person] of the Men of Provoq pose during a break from their rehearsals earlier at the NBC Tent. Polished and game, the boys are all set for their show tonight at 9:00. Tickets are available at the gate for those who wish to catch the show. The show Cruise has for its theme the different continents around the world: the macho dancers of the Philippines, the Yakuza of Japan, the punks of England, slaves of ancient Egypt, and the Chippendales of the US to name a few. Looks like it will be fun, fun, fun tonight at the Tent.