Kwan in Town

See, we have lots of photos today to tide you through the lovely weekend. In town is Mister Hong Kong Kwan Kwai-Kin who is out to get the Mister International 2019 plum. The contest is currently being held in Manila, and I am pretty sure there are many boys out there with their oozing manhood on display but this one gets my attention for now. Don’t you think he’s gorgeous?

Don Candid

donIf this is Don McGyver Cochico‘s I-just-woke-up-from-last-night’s-contest look, count me in as a fan. Well, I’ve always been a fan of this police guy! Another feature within the week, eh? He didn’t win last night’s Manhunt International title, but Don’s demeanor, charm and resilience is always admirable.


jakkSometimes I make some quick feel and grant some requests for boy-features. You’ve been clamoring for a certain Jak Roberto and I had to look him up. Not bad, actually. He can be a doppelgänger for that certain fellow who goes by the name of Alden Richards. Well, in his present incarnation, at least.



I’m actually a sucker for boys who constantly try to improve themselves, through the years. Maybe fix their hair a bit. Get those sick abs by working out in the gym. A little tweak of the nose here. Those stuff. The 22-year-old Jak has transformed himself for the better. He looks good now.