His gym shorts stop right at above his knees,
and whenever he moves, I see his meaty thighs
bouncing beneath the cotton.
It’s very distracting, and my form suffers.
Reader amway415 sends in this image of Terrence Carrol [left] and Oliver Saunders of the PRFU Volcanoes. Probably this was taken during their calendar shoot for the controversial Bench Body boards. While the photo’s a bit blurry, images of sweaty hunks in a room stir up fantasies of lust and sex and passion among the boys. Hot!

PRFU 3: Sexy Oliver

Twenty-five-year-old Oliver Saunders is a Filipino-Australian member of the Philippine Volcanoes. He plays along with his younger brothers – hotties, too – Matt and Benjamin. If you ask me about this sudden surge of info [and images] about the Volcanoes, it is because these boys are champions and they remain unappreciated in the Philippines. Here’s a link to their story, their valiant efforts in the international rugby scene. And besides, with Bench Body featuring them in tight underwear, I bet these boys will now be recognized. Big time!