While we’re on the topic of male pageants, here’s another Philippine rep who is making a mark (no pun) in the contest, Man of the World. Fil-Lebanese Nadim Elzein is rarin’ and daring in his swimwear shoot at the international finals currently being held on local shores. Will he make it? Will he get the Mr. Bulge special award?

Bumper Crop


The main purpose of male personality contests, aside from, of course, fostering world peace, alleviating poverty, and raising awareness for HIV that is timely and relevant to our country, is to show off boys in racy-frilly speedos.  Recently, a Mr. Philippines contest was held, and they had seven winners. Their names and fancy titles are as follows (l-r): Kian Sumague of San Pablo City (Mr. Tourism World), Jason Martin of Queensland, Australia (Mr. Worldwide), Christian Lumasag of Cebu City (Best Global Model of the Year), main winner Andrea Biondo of Vittoria, Italy (Mister Universal Ambassador), Job Abogado of Camarines Sur (Mr. Model International), Paul Renzo Velo of London (Mr. Tourism International), and Mark Joshua Marquez of Rome, Italy (Mr. Teen International). Who do you like?

Oh Mariano!

MarianoFlormata copy

Of course, he won. Police office Mariano Flormata Jr., a.k.a. Neil Perez  won the title Mr. International-Philippines at a recently held contest of virile young men. He’s off to Seoul, South Korea for the Mr. International pageant next month. Okay, bring in the cops-in-erotica fantasies! I’m thinking boots and handcuffs, badges and bulges!

Den deserved the title [or did the title deserve Den?]

Thanks to Jewel, I came to know more about the winner of this year’s edition of the Ginoong Pilipinas. Despite the controversy generated by the number of winners [there were 11 winners, including the island-named runners-up plus the ordinal runners-up, and another winner for Mr. Tourism and Mr. Expo-World, the grand winner by the name of Denver Olivarez truly deserved the title from a ragtag and bobtail batch.

Den , who is from Bacoor, Cavite, came from a good undergraduate school that stood by the hill between the earth and the sky [rich, well-educated], went under the BS Mathematics Program [brainy], currently in law school, batch 2009, in that modern red-bricked building [rich, brainy], was treasurer in his class [rich, trusted], and active in the school societies.

They had to make him wear THIS!
Which now makes me wonder what the heck was he doing in Ginoong Pilipinas? Historically, and quite frankly, said pageant is so unlike its female counterpart, the Binibining Pilipinas [incidentally, the winner is also a law student from a top school]. The male pageant was always racked by rumpus, mainly because of the entry of sleazeballs in the contest [one contestant looked like Fairuza Balk from the Craft] and the presence of malicious old pansy geezers ready to take in some boys. I’m not privy to Den’s intentions in joining the pageant. I can only second-guess, and I’m sure he didn’t need the money: maybe he is having difficulties in his law school status, he just wanted a diversion away from it all; or maybe he wants to go showbiz; or maybe… I just don’t get it.

Just the same, Den, who is all that and a bag of chips, sure hell deserved winning. Now, will this win bring on some sophistication for Ginoong Pilipinas? Or will it de-glam puff boy Den eventually?