Centerfolds 2014

A bit blah but we all expected it, right? The annual list of the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s top ten centerfolds is out in all their Lightroom glory!  Don’t ask me how the magazine’s editors picked this motley group this year. Some are hot, though. The most revealing shot is that of –


followed by Piolo‘s joyless nephew,


The rest, you decide:











Underwear model and tv bit player Pancho Magno is your hunky Pinoy everyman. He’s the straight shirtless neighbor who wears the same basketball shorts for a week or two. The one in the corner street drinking strange gin concoctions with your brother in the middle of the day. The construction worker who deserved a second, third look because of his hot bod and interesting face.  The flirty waiter who likes to wear tight shirts and cheap ass jeans.  Pancho Magno is hot!

Vintage + Sunday

Mashup vintage Sunday. A few years ago, Rhum Palermo [left] was channeling a construction worker with a raging hard-on. Last Sunday, at the GMA noontime show, bit players and underwear models Pancho Magno [middle] and Victor Basa were also rockin’ the laborer-craftsmen look in a song-dance number. If only they were more daring. I wish.