The week’s big 5


The main object of all these celebrity and quasi-celebrity dick shots (and videos) that have been storming the internet the past few weeks is to desensitize you to the sight of a penis. Do you still wank at the sight of that actor’s huge testicles? Or the basketball player’s perfect little pole? I guess not. So gaze and be amazed. Stick it in your rear, the mighty dicks that came out this week are here!

Paolo Contis is macho man.

Erstwhile child actor Paolo Contis has really grown up and how! Turning 25 years old in March, Paolo rose from being the cute chubby kid then a teen heartthrob in ABS-CBN before taking on comedy and anti-hero roles in rival station GMA-7. Amazingly, he also transformed into a hunk over the years. Recently, he was the main man in the annual flesh show of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. On tv, he’s getting a lot of breaks in GMA-7’s shows, most notable of which is a hosting stint in the Philippine franchise of the sports reality show, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad.