Cinemalaya’s NETPAC World Competition top grosser Bayaw starring Paolo and Janvier is extended for another week at the theaters in Robinsons Galleria, Gotesco Grand Central, Gotesco Ortigas and Remar. And then again, the independently-produced movie [by Climax Films] directed by Sagwan‘s Monti Parungao made a killing at the tills considering its limited release. Too, Paolo and Janvier and Andrew Miguel fans can revel and rejoice as another movie’s in the offing for these guys. Possibly, bolder and better.

Bayaw Tomorrow!

The movie of Paolo Rivero [in photo], Janvier Daily and Andrew Miguel entitled Bayaw has finally been approved by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] for commercial showing starting tomorrow. Here’s the official word from the producer, Climax Films: “Cinemalaya NETPAC World Competition top grosser Bayaw has just been given the R-18 rating by the MTRCB. After weeks of meeting with the MTRCB panelists, the controversial film has been re-edited by director Monti Parungao so that the integral scenes that people want to see can still be seen. Audiences are advised to keep a watchful eye. Bayaw will open on 23 September 2009 in the following theaters – Robinsons Galleria, Ruben, Remar, Gotesco Grand, Gotesco Ortigas, Isetann and New Cinema Cebu. Also watch out for screenings in Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Bacolod, Robinsons Iloilo, Robinsons Novaliches and Robinsons Metro East.” So there!

Bayaw Gets X

The Paolo-Janvier starrer with lots of dick shots recently got an X rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. Bayaw was scheduled for its commercial run starting on 2 September 2009 at the Robinsons Galleria and Ermita theaters but it seems this will be delayed for a bit as the producer, Climax Films tries to file for a reconsideration of the harsh order of rating by the MTRCB. The producer wants the movie to be shown in its integral version as was done in the Cinemalaya festival a month ago at the Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP]. Hopefully, the MTRCB will reconsider and give the go-signal for the uncut version in its commercial showing.

Happy Flicks

Tomorrow is a holiday in the country, so why not head over to the cinemas to watch the showing of Little Boy/Big Boy, a new gay movie that “tells the tale of a carefree soul who is suddenly confronted with the responsibility of taking care of his seven-year-old nephew.” This one stars Paolo Rivero who bottoms for Douglas Robinson. It’s a happy movie that affirms the vision of director Joselito Altarejos and screen writer Lex Bonife that the homosexual is “not just an organism for pleasure but also a catalyst for unconditional love.” The movie will be screened starting 5 August 2009 at the Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita and Robinsons Bacolod theaters.

Speaking of Lex Bonife [who’s doing a bit role in this one, so I heard] and unconditional love, there’s another gay movie that is – mark your calendar again, guys – slated for showing on 12 August 2009. It’s called Showboyz and it stars the very controversial Kristofer King, shown above being flogged in the log by 90s sexy actor Toffee Calma. Showboyz, which is directed by Crisaldo Pablo, will be shown at the Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Remar Cubao, Isetann Recto and some theaters in Cebu and Davao.

Bayaw Tops

Here’s a pr from the makers of Bayaw – “Due to the box office success of BAYAW during its premiere at the CCP last July 21, Cinemalaya has decided to show the movie once again to cater to the overwhelming public demand. BAYAW will have its second run at CCP’s Tanghalang Huseng Batute Theater on 26 July 2009, Sunday at 3:30pm. Tickets are available at the CCP and through Ticketworld.
BAYAW has been officially recognized as the Top Grosser for the NETPAC Competition category and will be the only film in the category to be allowed a second running. The Cinemalaya NETPAC World Cinema competition is comprised of a distinct group of films by independent producers that were shortlisted by the screening board of CCP to premiere during the festival. This is a separate category and competition from the films that were granted funding by the Cinemalaya organization. A winner for this category will be determined by a distinct group of international jurors and announced during the Cinemalaya Awards Night.
The success of BAYAW confirms the magic touch of its director, Monti Parungao, who is also the same person behind the success of gay flick, SAGWAN. Direk Monti describes BAYAW as a movie that combines action, mystery, suspense with the gay genre. The film topbills new indie movie king and GAWAD Urian nominee, Paolo Rivero together with comebacking actor, Janvier Daily.
BAYAW is a story about the bond between two brother-in-laws. Nilo Vergara (Paolo Rivero) is a policeman who lives an ordinary life with his wife, Pia Jacinto (played by Kaye Alipio, Philippine Survivor castaway). Their lives take an unfortunate turn when Nilo loses his badge due to a frame up and is forced to depend on Pia for his livelihood. Pia becomes burdened and resentful of the responsibility of taking care of her husband and her drifter young brother, Rhennan (Janvier Daily). One day, Rhennan witnesses Nilo accidentally killing Pia after a heated argument. Both in-laws decide to run from the law and become fugitives. As the story progresses, the real events behind the death of Pia is slowly revealed through flashbacks and shifts in character point-of-views.
BAYAW also introduces new indie actor, Andrew Miguel, star of the controversial straight-to-video release, FRESHMAN. Andrew plays the character of Erick Cana, the mysterious figure who saves the two brother-in-laws in the most unlikely times. His devious and sometimes, mischievous intentions complicate the lives of the two lead actors but his connection to Nilo and Rhennan is finally revealed at the end of the movie. Visually edgy and groundbreaking, BAYAW is ultimately a deep look into the unique and complex relationship of two brother-in-laws that borders between family ties, brotherhood, camaraderie and love.
Theater release of BAYAW is set on 2 September 2009 in Robinsons Galleria Indiesine. Movie trailer is posted on .”

Bayaw Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day for the erotic brothers-in-law movie, you know, the one called Bayaw. It stars Paolo Rivero and Janvier Daily in their “daring-est” and “boldest” roles. That’s not a hardsell, actually, because the in-law roles are the most audacious so far for these two guys who will do the penis-shots, not fleeting but more on lingering. I think tickets are still available for the premiere tomorrow at the CCP Little Theater at 9 pm. [The producer, Climax Films says 34 seats are still available as of yesterday morning]. The movie’s regular run [read: might be sanitized under the MTRCB] starts 2 September 2009 at the Robinsons Galleria Indiesine.

Little Boy/Big Boy preems

The new gay movie to hit town – Little Boy/Big Boy is set to premiere on 30 July 2009 at Cinema 5 of Robinsons Galleria [6.30 p.m. for the meet-and-greet with the cast and 7.30 p.m. screening]. This is a happy and heartwarming tale about two men – played by gay-indie-flick fave Paolo Rivero and sexy actor-model Douglas Robinson – and how they raise a little boy together. According to the movie info, this will be Douglas Robinson’s “most revealing performance.” Little Boy/Big Boy is from the pioneering Parola and Antonio tandem of screenwriter Lex Bonife and director Joselito Altarejos.

Bayaw News

An announcement from Climax Films, the producer of the Cinemalaya entry Bayaw [directed by controversial Sagwan megman Monti Parungao], which will have its premiere on 21 July 2009 at the Cultural Center of the Philipines [CCP]-

1. Tickets will be available for sale starting tomorrow at the CCP Ticket Office or Ticketworld.
2. Seats will all be free seating and on a first-come first-served basis.
3. There will only be 150 seats available for sale and there will only be one screening of the uncut version. We highly suggest people buy their tickets immediately as it is expected to go out fast. We do not know how MTRCB will react to the film and video so this is the best opportunity to watch the film in its integral version.
4. The stars of Bayaw, namely Paolo, Janvier and Andrew have all confirmed their attendance for the premiere. Fans will get to see them in person during the premiere.

Bayaw caps

These are screenshots from the new movie Bayaw starring Paolo, Janvier and Andrew Miguel. The movie’s amusing catchphrase is “brothers-in-law become brothers outlaw.” Whatever that means, I’m guessing it literally conveys it’s a prison movie where the guys are nekkid in the showers and there’s a rape scene somewhere. Of course, this one’s a dramatic movie, which looks more like a tragedy, but one of the better highlights, if you ask me, would have to be the scene where Paolo does a frontal nudity scene [see topmost photo, right]. That is, if the MTRCB will not get in the way in this exhibition entry at the 2009 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition, which will be held this July.

“Huwag Bayaw”

Huwag Bayaw is the title of a movie made 30 years ago which was a contender for the coveted Best Picture award at the 1979 FAMAS Awards.  Although the title is rather funny now considering the reference to a very malicious brother in-law, the movie was one of the more serious flicks at that time with a sensitive topic.  Next month, there’s another Bayaw movie that will be shown. It is a suspense-thriller with lots of scenes of the same-sex persuasion. Apparently, this is an exhibition film entered in the 2009 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition at the MTRCB-free Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP]. In photo are the lead actors Paolo Rivero, Janvier Daily and Andrew Miguel together.