PauloWhile we’re waiting for another grand phenomenon of a Paulo Avelino in Bench Body briefs, this image of him shirtless with left pit exposed will do for now.  It has been four years since Paulo razzle-dazzled us with his naked body, legs and bulge included, when he donned those sexy underthings.  Although Paulo-in-bikini is a rarity these days, I’m not giving up my Bench Body GCs’ worth for another sighting of that delicious bod!

One by one all day

PauloWhile we may never see him in Bench Body underwear again, Paulo Avelino will always be our perennial sexy boy. So it goes that when we see him shirtless, with some hints of flesh here and there, pink nips added as bonus, the swooning and holywows continue. Just like in the latest photo above.

NathanLeonMister Bulgy Pants is  Nathan Leon Biggs, a cute-hunky model in our midst who’s busy modeling for TVCs, fashion shoots and the occasional runway projects. While the sultry-sweltry Brazilian fly-in models are making some noise, this 24-year-old British guy chooses to work quietly in the country, before leaving again to look for other modeling assignments in Asia.