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The things I get in the mail! This will be the last (for this month) of the fuzzy screencaps of anonymous boys displaying their penises.


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Good morning starshine, the earth says hello
You twinkle above us, we twinkle below!

Just another cute boy


Actor Kiko Estrada firmly denies viral nude photo. So there, it’s not him. It’s just another cute little boy.

Another cute boy



Good morning Starshine!

Cute Boy



The lovely penis


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I’ve peeled off all the layers. And what have I discovered?
That being naked means much more than being just uncovered.

Random naked guy


Because it’s the first work day of the year, I’m pretty sure you need a little lift-me-up. Besides, I am way too  lifeless for this day. In a lame effort to put out a post, here’s random naked guy to, uh, perk up your members, I meant Monday. So, off to the salt mines you go! (more…)

Persons of the Year

ScansTo those with finite word-stock, each individual photo in this collage of penis-popping celebs, models, students and wannabes would have to be called a scandal. Of course, a scandal is defined as “an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.”  There is no general public outrage in these, so we might have to call these huge (or little) nudefies as circumstances with prurient appeal. A quite-famous person’s pecker is definitely more interesting than your usual porn star dingdong. It’s the rarity, the unusualness. The thrill of looking at that prominent member.  These are your Persons of 2015!  No prudity. Oh yes you’re short to see. Gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous nudity!

Fat Like You

IMG_1311There is a group out there that actually likes Geoff Eigenmann body-wise. While he may not be fit and fab these days, he’ still cute as a button. The 30-year-old actor has been Fighting the Flab all these years but he’s out there representing the dad bods and beer belly boys of this age. And now I digress to ….cutieclaims that he actually has a sex video and scandalous photos in the worldwide web, like this one.


Actually, that penis belongs to this anonymous (for now) boy, who’s a bit of a looker and could be a doppelganger for dear jelly-belly Geoff. Maybe a little help on the 411 of this guy?

The lovely soft penis

Jeff copyThe majority of the boys posted here have been models and celebrities who have taken their shirts and pants off in the name of hotness.We take a break from these guys for today we’re having a serving of an entirely nekkid boy with a flaccid dick, posing in the name of, uh, hotness, too.  A couple of days ago, Jeff Luna was featured au naturel. A repeat post isn’t too bad, eh?

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