Suddenly there is a renewed interest in Philippine football. Thanks to the mighty efforts of the Philippine team at the ASEAN Football Federation’s Suzuki Cup in Vietnam, people are watching football once again. One of the members of the team, dubbed as the Philippine Azkals, is Phil Younghusband. He plays with a host of tall, rugged and handsome Filipino-British players including his brother James. Hot!

Kick Ass!

Well, Phil Younghusband showed them and wowed them at the recent Cosmo event. He went shirtless and proved to everybody that he’s flawless and sexy. Phil, who just turned 22 last month, is all set with his showbiz and modeling plans this year. Right now, he’s a busy endorser of underwear, shirts and energy drink. Pretty soon, he’ll be joining the soaps and shows of a tv station.

The Brothers Younghusband

Between the footballer brothers James and Phil Younghusband, who’s hotter? James is the older and taller one. He’s turning 23 this September. Phil is the younger one as he is turning 22 this August. While both play football with passion, James is the middlefielder while Phil is the striker. Aside from sports, both brothers are into modeling and endorsement deals. Of course, Phil is the more visible one as he joined Celebrity Duets last year, snagged some underwear deal and endorsed a health drink.


These are the handsome and sexy guys born to Filipino mothers and British fathers who are in the modeling scene. Jon Hall [top photo], of course, is the original Bench underwear guy. Although he is getting a bit older, he still has that raw appeal that bagged him the Bench underwear contracts. On the other hand, newbie Phil Younghusband is an endorser for another underwear brand, Hanford Ice. Boyish and charming, Phil is determined to make it in showbiz. TGIF, guys!


There two hunky imports who are currently endorsing different energy drinks on tv commercials.  While Filipino-British model and football player Phil Younghusband [top photos] is busy promoting Del Monte Fit ‘N Right juice drinks “to quench your thirst and keep you in shape,” Costa Rican model and Manhunt 2008 runner-up Cesar Vargas was filming his spot for Cobra Energy Drink to promote “true strength.”  Of course, they look highly pleasing in their TVCs and print ads as they take off their shirts to prove the power and potency of their respective drinks! 

Phil is Fit ‘N Right!

British-Filipino model and football hunk Phil Younghusband is the newest endorser of Del Monte Fit ‘N Right, a juice drink that stakes its claim in the drink-this-and-lose-weight category. Phil is determined to make a name for himself, not only as an athlete but also in the playing field of showbiz. He’s well-liked in the industry because of his friendly, polite and charming demeanor, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he makes it big time soon.