Boxing Day Boys

Four hunks are kicking off Boxing Day today in their undies! (First photo l-r) Joe Dawson, Steven Near, Evan Spargo and Harry Morris may not be your garden variety drop-dead gorgeous hunks but their energetic appeal surely make up for the sexy factor.  Sweaty, oiled up muscles are cherries on the sundae.

Men with Balls

Philippine rugby has a thick roster of hunks to grace every salacious pinup this side of the pond. No wonder Bench/Body tapped the services of Volcanoes guys  Joe Dawson (left) and Evan Spargo,  for its show last weekend. There’s something sexy about sweaty men with balls (rubber not hairy), right?

The Return

They’re bringing the Philippine Volcanoes back in Bench/Body underwear! Evan Spargo, Joe Dawson and big dude Robert Jones auditioned for the show in November. If they get in, it will be rugby boys in sexy undies again, just like in previous shows. There’s always someone for everyone, and these boys fit dem undies to a T!

Muscle Man

arnold copy

Mention the name Ah-nold and the words muscle and skimpy trunks come to mind. I’m referring to Arnold Aninion, of course. He’s a fitness guy and if he looks familiar to your keen for-hunks-only eyes, he’s one of the Philippine Volcanoes members who did the controversial Bench Body billboards a long, long time ago.

Wolff Packed

Model and athlete Andrew Wolff is sorely missed on stage wearing nothing but thongs and bikinis. The Filipino-English hunk was once Bench Body‘s go-to guy in the Daring and Baring Department. He has since become scarce in the modeling scene after joining the Philippine Volcanoes .


This is how you do underwear. With lots of chutzpah and bulge, bulge, bulge! I think this is Harry Morris of the Philippine Volcanoes, that group of large men who do rough rugby. This was in the recent Bench Body show where the men tried to outdo each other with their, uh, assets.

Men Like You

Smorgasbord, actually. How would you like to be, uh, ravaged senseless by these rough-and-tumble boys? On one side would be the lean and fit Azkals, while the other end would have to be the bulky Volcanoes. Oh, you would get your fill from the likes of Misagh, Aly, Nate, Andrew, Kenneth, Kit plus the others. In your dreams.


How would you like to get down and dirty with these boys? Of course, these are your big, chunky-hunky boys of the Philippine Volcanoes. They’re in their Bench Body briefs once again – this time not in giant billboards though. Now, I think they need some real cleaning and scrubbing.


If you want to see sexy, shirtless boys in short shorts with huge legs and bulging, uh, muscles, head over to the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium to catch Asian Five Nations Division I tournament. Last night, the Philippine national men’s rugby union team defeated Singapore, 37-20, to open its campaign in the rugby tournament. The Philippines continues its campaign on Wednesday at 7 p.m. versus Chinese Taipei, before wrapping up the tournament against Sri Lanka on Saturday. Division I is the second tier of competition in Asian Five Nations rugby, next only to the Top 5. Winning the tournament would earn the Philippines a promotion to the top tier. From left: Chris Everingham, Jake Letts, Darran Seeto, Nick Perry and Kenneth Stern.


One of the controversial men-in-Bench-Body-briefs of the Philippine Volcanoes is back! Will Kenneth Stern be doing another round of those sexy ads, the ones where he will be wearing size-under briefs, bursting at the seams? Ken was recently featured in Cosmopolitan magazine’s US edition as a finalist for Cosmo 2011 Bachelor of the Year.
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