Money Boy?

Well, he’s merely wearing dollar trunks, literally. Piko Suzuki a.k.a. Suzuki Aragon has been in the showbiz news lately, albeit of the sleazy tabloid type of headlines. Apparently, some tv personality offered him Php 5,000.00 upfront for a one-night stand. The bulletin didn’t reveal if the cute Filipino-Japanese lad accepted the offer, though. Which leads me to think, does Piko Suzuki’s image rouse and rally anyone to think that he’s really for hire?


Where’s Piko Suzuki a.k.a. Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon? He’s the cute Filipino-Japanese guy who made it as one of the contestants in the reality show Survivor Palau. Prior to the show, he was a student of Criminology at the Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila. When he’s not busy with school, he takes on the ramp in tiny teenie under- and swimwear for the bikini contests. Times like these [the bikini open season], Piko’s sorely missed!

No Letup

Now that Survivor Philippines is nearing its finale, what will happen now to Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon a.k.a. Piko Suzuki a.k.a. Suzuki Aragon? He had his [more than] 15 minutes of fame in the show, admittedly. The question now is: What will he do about it? Most probably, if he’s smart enough, he won’t go back joining small-time bikini contests anymore. Maybe he can do bit parts on GMA-7’s shows and soaps, like what Survivor Philippines [first edition] contestant and male model John Lopez did. Let’s see what happens next to this cute Filipino-Japanese guy.

On The Move

Before Sadatsugo something got accepted into Survivor Philippines [Palau], he was doing this in small stages in the metro. The Tondo-native who traces his ancestry to some Japanese blood, has been in a lot of stages and platforms where bikini contests were conducted. So you see, it pays to have patience and lots and lots of luck. He is now known as Piko Suzuki or Suzuki Aragon and he’s in the prime time show Survivor, where he will get into the consciousness [in terms of name recall] of a lot of viewers. In the meantime, he wore that when he was still a relative unknown.


Marvin Kiefer [left] and Piko Suzuki

Louie Ang [left] and Shaun Rodriguez
At the press launch yesterday of the second Philippine edition of Survivor, the highly successful reality tv franchise, the new castaways [contestants] were introduced in their swimming trunks. Most conspicuous were young models Marvin Kiefer dubbed by the show’s writers as the Ultimate Crush and Piko Suzuki designated as the Japinoy Hunk. Of course, there’s 24-year-old Louie Ang, an IT office worker tagged as the Walking Penis, kidding, rather as Chickboy whatever that meant, and late 30-something government employee Shaun Rodriguez nicknamed as Hot Dad. Sex really sells and that’s that. Hopefully Survivor gets through the ratings next week.

Body Survivor

Speaking of 2008 Summer Bodies contest, one of the guys who didn’t make the cut was Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon a.k.a. Piko Suzuki. Yet, this 21-year-old former Bodyshots contestant is poised for the big time as he’s launched as one of the Survivor Palau regulars. This would mean constant tv exposure and, of course, name and face recognition due to the fact the show’s on the national prime time slot of GMA-7. Which means, whether he wins or not, Piko Suzuki has already outpaced [and outstripped] his contemporaries in the bikini contests – seedy or otherwise – that he has patiently joined in the past.

Body Shots with Suzuki Aragon

One of the contestants in this year’s Body Shots [an annual modeling competition sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines] is 5’9″-tall Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon a.k.a Piko Suzuki.  Twenty-year-old Suzuki from Tondo, Manila was previously seen as a crowd favorite in Filinvest Festival Mall’s 2008 Summer Bodies [won by Raph Almeda – another Body Shots finalist] and in Hataw Super Bodies 2008 [won by JC Dungo].