Out to Sea

dscf1772A photo like this deserves a post of its own. Sometimes we take a break from all the cock-and-balls postings, lest I’ll be accused of being too smutty for your aesthetic sensibilities (mind you, I only post the artsiest dick pics on this side of the worldwayward web, just wait until tomorrow or Friday). Where was I? Gerald Anderson is such a perennial cutie, isn’t he?

Persons of the Year

ScansTo those with finite word-stock, each individual photo in this collage of penis-popping celebs, models, students and wannabes would have to be called a scandal. Of course, a scandal is defined as “an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.”  There is no general public outrage in these, so we might have to call these huge (or little) nudefies as circumstances with prurient appeal. A quite-famous person’s pecker is definitely more interesting than your usual porn star dingdong. It’s the rarity, the unusualness. The thrill of looking at that prominent member.  These are your Persons of 2015!  No prudity. Oh yes you’re short to see. Gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous nudity!

Shell-Shocker: Rod Ortiz

Earlier this this year,the French National Museum of Natural History revealed that it has discovered thousands of new species of mollusks and crustaceans around Panglao Island, 390 miles southeast of Manila. The French-led expedition team, which consisted of 80 scientists, technicians, students and volunteers from 19 countries – said its survey revealed over 1,200 species of decapod crustaceans – a group that includes crayfish, crabs, lobsters and shrimps – and some 6,000 species of mollusks. And here’s Rod Ortiz of Bataan province, aka Richard Cruz of Valentino magazine, with a new type of marine invertebrate called the whiskered mollusk. Tee-hee.

Waking Up Late on A Sunday

Aah, the joys of waking up late on a Sunday! No work and worries, just the ultimate revenge against the early-morning rising and rolling of weekdays. Time was when Sundays meant being roused from sleep early by the church bells [we used to live near the town church], and mother was in her usual booming self. It meant the church bells were not the only ones pealing. So naturally, as a good Catholic boy, we had to get up and go to mass with the family, then a hearty lunch and then siesta. It was a quiet life. But then again, everyone grows up and leaves the family home. And nothing more peaceful can come close to Sundays, living alone and in bed at 3 pm, with 16 missed calls from mother. Nothing as placid as the lingering and most trivial of banal facts: the sound of the tick-tocking clock on the night table, the eerie hum of the airconditioning unit, the dark and gloomy room, the scent of night juices. Or maybe, if you are lucky, a boy-stranger like Richard Guebar beside you. Shining-smiling, like it’s still Sunday morning.

Naked Romp: Patrick Rivera and Alias Gabriel

Ken Nash aka Patrick Rivera [the older one] and Alias Gabriel [the cute little one] were the initial cover boys of Chika Chika magazine, that gay pulp in the 90’s which launched and upped the careers of male strip-for-pay actors then. Nothing much is known about the charming kid, Alias Gabriel, as the magazine doesn’t give out models’ details, only erotic stories about the gay life. Patrick Rivera, of course, is the veteran bikini pageant contestant – Kouros 2006, Ginoong Pilipinas 2007, Mr. bikini-this-and-that. More on the guys soon.

Beefcake: Benson Hill

Twenty-four year old Benson Hill was one of the featured models of the latest issue of Valentino [the anniversary issue], where he goes on a chunky-lumpy posing session. As a regular bikini pageant contestant in the minor league, his most memorable win was placing first runner-up at the Mr. Bikini Earth contest some time back. Benson owes his far-out mestizo features and surname to an American grandfather.