Great Body


This site is for every shape and size in honor of the beautiful male form. I just said that to make way  today for Pio Luz, model and fitness coach who recently won the Slimmers World Great Bodies 2016. It is a bodybuilding contest, complete with the airbrush body paint, where  Pio’s bulging in all the right places.


Those wondering about how he looks if he didn’t slather on the body makeup, Pio was photographed two years ago at the Bench Naked Show in gauzy undergarments, looking just as marvelous as he is today.

By Request: Pio Luz

Piopio4Doing these boy posts everyday takes some time and a bit of effort to satisfy you dear wayward readers. Sometimes I get feelers in the mail, and the most requested for the past couple of days is a certain Pio Luz.

pio3 Pio6I had to look him up and he was featured way back as one of this site’s Cosmo “awardees” (I apologize profusely). As unconventionally pretty as he is, the 24-year-old fitness trainer and underwear model is smokin’ hot, too! These are the only photos that I have of him, taken at the Bench Naked Truth show two years ago.