Delay No More

Trivia: In Cantonese, the apparently innocent English exhortation ‘delay no more’ is a well-known homonym for Hong Kong’s most frequently heard curses 草泥马 (diu lay lo mo), which means “fuck your mother”. Everybody knows that this is not acceptable to say in a polite society but this phrase appears in writing as joke among Hong Kong people and as a fashion brand. In photo, modeling Delay No More jockstraps: Cyrus Fernandez, one of the lead actors in the new indie flick Playmates, still showing in gay-friendly theaters around town.


Newcomer Andrew Aquino is fast gaining attention in the gay indie circuit with the recent release of his movie Playmates. If audience response to his boyish good looks and sexy bod is any indication to his pop acceptance, then Andrew might just be the new gay indie sensation. The movie’s still showing in theaters such as Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Ruben.


Playmates is a story about two exes who reunite after a long period of separation. [No, silly, this isn’t about Piolo and Mark!] They decide to have dinner together and bring their two current boyfriends. What ensues is a night full of unbridled passion and unrequited emotions. The movie will feature an orgy between the four cast members. It is apparently the most daring orgy to be shown on Philippine cinema. In photo is one of the lead actors: Andrew Aquino. Cute, eh? Playmates will start showing on Wednesday, 30 November 2011 in theaters who support indie films like Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Ruben and more.