Where the boys are

The boys are out! They’re ringing in the New Year with their vacation photos, some with their boy  friends. We’re actually loving them, aren’t we?

Prince and Paolo are in Bangkok for the White Party.

Janjep Carlos headlined the Bangkok White Party.

Ahron Villena is somewhere in the Swiss Alps with beau.

Kennedy Alfonso is also in Europe with  bf. Sshh.

Alex Diaz spends time with Sam Concepcion in La Union.

No Pants Day

Dear gorgeous creature in creation: Did you ride the subway today? This week? You must have witnessed No Pants Subway Ride, eh? So, how are you enjoying New York City so far? It’s not called the greatest city in the world for nothing. Hey, did you know that the Marriage Equality Act in NY does not have a residency requirement, as some states do? Just saying. Well, I hope you are having a grand time. May you be lucky, as I recall E.B. White’s famous line – “No one should come to New York to live unless he is willing to be lucky.”

Last, Prince

Did we just lose Prince Stefan from the mad, harsh world of showbusiness? The young actor seems to have hastily dropped his career here as he flew most recently to L.A. to follow his heart. Although he might be back in December, there’s no saying he’ll continue under the klieg lights. Showbiz needs interesting actors like him, and he will be sorely missed.

The Boys

These are the GMA boys. They’re waiting in the wings for the next big thing over at the network. Who’s the best bet for stardom? Is it Starstruck alum, sexy singer and Mossimo 2009 contestant Dex Quindoza [leftmost]? How about controversial actor Prince Stefan [middle]? Theater actor Jay Gonzaga [rightmost] looks promising, right?

And then again underwear model, Survivor and Starstruck alum Ian Batherson [leftmost] is also poised for leading-man roles in GMA. Is he the one? Will newbie Pancho Magno [second to the left] use his mother [a top GMA exec] and her connections to further his career to the top? Ex-model and Survivor hottie Marvin Kiefer [second to the right] might just make it. And lastly, Next Big Star winner Geoffrey Taylor is hoping for his star to shine brighter over at the network. Who will make it?

On Being Gay

This may be a tad late, but recently Prince Stefan finally addressed head on the issue persistently hounding him. No, he says, there is no truth to rumors that he’s gay. Although he does not have anything against gay people, as he admits he’s often in the company of his gay cousins and gay relatives, he says he’s just not into,uh, stemming the rose. So there. Let the issue die. Ok now.


They failed to include him in the GMA Artist Center TV plug for 2011 leading men, and I’m left wondering why Prince Stefan was left out – outran and outstripped by wannabes lacking in the good looks department. Let us support our handsome boy Prince Stefan so that he will get good projects this year. He has mended his ways, and has put his mind back to work in show business!