Monday Miscellany

Contributions from far and wide.
Carlos Agassi wants to do a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
Young actor Albie Casino is getting buff. Maybe he’ll drop the pants soon
Aljur Abrenica is averse to shirts when performing on tv and we’re not complaining.
Benjamin Alves is the new model of the camel-toe shorts.
Bodie Cruz wants to fly with his new bod.
When  will Daniel Matsunaga bare his untrimmed 70s bush again?
This would have to be Ian Porlayagan in yellow shorts showering outdoors with his rich friend.
JC de Vera would have loved to shower with rich friend, too.
Cutie model Lancer Serrano could be an actor. Or a nude model.
And what’s with the Markki Stroem fascination lately? He’s taken. For now.
Paulo Avelino is gaining weight. Not hot.
This is hot: ex-underwear model Raph Almeda doing a bathroom selfie.
Model Mark McMahon‘s body highlighted by bad stage lighting.
Victor Basa is a new underwear endorser.
And dear Zuher Bautista wants you, us to leave them alone!

The Year That Was: Bikini Boys

These were the top boys you lusted for in 2011. Bikini boys in contests around the country. Some from sleazy rinky-dink bars. Others, from national competitions. Just the same, they all wore that endangered piece of clothing called the bikini! So, who’s your favorite bikini boy of 2011?

Seeing Red

And I have to make the necessary corrections in asserting that Raph Almeda donned a prosthetic penis while posing for Soda underwear in my Endorsers post below. Reader H.L. writes via email, giving the third degree in a nice way, asking if it’s really plastic or not, that he has a good photo of Mr. Almeda from an Alabang Festival Mall event, and that he thinks it’s real. Mea culpa.


Model-of-the-moment Raph Almeda wouldn’t do that! Someone’s using Raph’s name to extort money from unsuspecting [read: dupable] persons. The modus is old and has been used several times already, and yet some still fall into it. Rule No. 14 is – Do not just deposit money into some stranger’s bank account, on a mere hint of lust. Here’s an email I got recently from, quoted in full –
I tried to call the number of Ralph Almeda posted in the comments section of your blog, and someone answered, supposed to be Ralph Almeda. We agreed to meet, and he asked me to deposit the amount of nine thousand pesos first to the account of a certain Benjamin Yap Jr, at the Metrobank, account number 3094268932, which I did in December 15, 2009. We agreed to meet that same evening after he got my money. Before the time of the meeting he texted me that the sister of his girlfriend was at the hospital and he could not leave her alone, and we should reset our meeting the following night on December 16. In the morning of December 16, he was again trying to sweet talk me to deposit another four thousand pesos on the same account because he said he needs it badly for his car, which I refused because in the first place he has not done his part of the deal. Again I asked him for the meeting, he said it would be at 11pm of December 16. When I called his that evening, his phone was shut down. Please warn people that this Ralph Almeda telephone is a scam. They should not fall prey to it. I have the bank receipts to prove that I made the deposit, and that Ralph never showed up.

Now, after reading the mail, you can judge Let’s all wham, bam alakazam his noggin’ and put some sense of reason and a smattering of wisdom and discretion into his consciousness. Hell yeah!


I just forgot to point up [no pun] something that’s why I’m posting photos of sexy underwear model Raph Almeda again. It’s just that he’s the new body model for the underwear line of Soda, a local clothing brand that’s been in the market for quite some time. The brand’s actually going racy in its new line because it features the outline of Raph’s penis in its full battle glory. Does that mean that we’ll see these images, blown up or uh enlarged [no pun, again] in the Blue Soda stores in malls? Oh, and another thing: I just noticed that the shape and size of that distracting dingdong is similar to the one Johnron Tanada used, I mean, displayed in the former Soda ads. See here.


It’s Raph Almeda again, bursting and bulging in all the proper places! He’s actually making leaps and strides in the modeling biz, as he lands projects for major designers and brands in the regular runway shows in the metro. I guess he’ll be hanging his competition bikinis for now, as he bids goodbye to the male pageants and underwear contests [where he started] and starts to climb up the modeling ladder.

Raph and Ready

Hottie alert! This is the how-you-wish-the-pants-would-suddenly-drop pictures of sexy model Raph Almeda during the recently-held Philippine Fashion Week. The guy’s a favorite of designers – he’s practically in all the shows for menswear. Of course, he deserves the projects because he takes care of his body well as the perfect fit for male clothes. Raph’s star on the runway is on a steady rise, if you ask me.

Waiting to Exhale

Literally, that is. Raph Almeda maybe holding his breath for a while but he surely has a great body. The 21-year-old model was highly visible this year in the fashion runways. Despite losing the top prize in the Body Shots modeling contest last year, he was chosen as one of Candy Magazine’s “cuties” and one of Cosmopolitan [Phils] Magazine’s “hot new bachelors.” Too, he declared in Cosmo that he’s willing to give someone an “intellectual orgasm” as he considers his brain the sexiest part of his body. Right.

Red, Raph and Raw

What’s a Catholic school boy doing in a little red bikini? Beats me, but I’m not complaining. It’s Raph Almeda, a 22-year-old student of Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. If he looks familiar, that’s because he has gone around the bikini pageant circuit from Mr. Sexy Body 2008 [won by Arvin Macu] of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall to Body Shots 2008. He eventually won the 2008 Summer Bodies competition. He got busy, too, with modeling for the A-list designers and brands on the runway plus stints at the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual Bachelors Bash.

Body Shots 2008 Launched

In 1984, the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP] launched Body Shots an annual modeling competition that launched the careers of models and actors like: Eric Quizon, Laurenti Dyogi, John Estrada, Emilio Garcia, JR Valentin, Ricardo Cepeda, Zanjoe Marudo, Hayden Kho, Lauren Novero and AJ Dee among others. This year, Body Shots is back and after a series of screenings at the Banahaw Room of Century Park Hotel, and at Hyatt Hotel, 13 women and 14men were chosen as official candidates from a pool of more than 200 aspirants. Here are some interesting highlights:

1. AdrianRacho and Raph Almeda both made it to the official list. Modeling industry observers are watching with glee as the two guys, who have been the subjects of constant comparison – Adrian as the former talent and Raph as the current ward of a known talent manager – battle it out for the top spot.

2. Sassan Shokouhi also made it. The tallest in the batch at 6’3″, this will be the first competition for the 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model. Also in the batch is Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 runner-up Harold Oide, at 5’9″ or thereabouts.

3. One familiar face stood out: Eric Eleazar [first photo, third from left] who’s tanner and buffer this time around. Standing next to Eric in the first photo is recent Hataw Super Bodies 2008 contestant Suzuki Aragon,now sporting a different name: Piko Suzuki. Also in the first photo on the rightmost part is veteran bikini open contestant Marvin Miranda, who also made it to the official list.

4. Nico Deyro [third photo, sitting rightmost] surprisingly made it to the official selection. He is the shortest in the group,at 5’7″.

5. Jonas Cabuay [third photo, standing second from left] ex-candidate of Sta.Lucia’s Sexy Bodies 2008 is also in the circle, along with ex-Mr. Philippines 2007 finalist Jobo Roa [third photo, standing third from right], and Carlo Guevara‘s best friend Harvey Cruz [third photo, standing center].

6. There’s an interesting newcomer [between nos. 16 and 18 in the second photo] who made it to the list – Mario Zamboni. He is muscled, mestizo [probably German in origin] and with long tresses. Someone to watch out for.

7. And the best part of the screening was how the sleazebag talent manager made a riotous scene, trying to enter the screening room to railroad his ward’s entry into the official list. He is known in this site as The-One-Who-Posts-Comments-Passionately-In-Capital-Letters or simply, JP. Of course, the decent and well-meaning organizers put him in his place: he was not allowed entry and his ward – a lanky guy who won a male contest recently at Metro Bar courtesy of his manager [of course], was shut out from the official list. Now, it’s back to seedy shows for the manager.