Last weekend’s marked men

matteoNow I’m getting fond of triathlons because of the boys in wet tri-suits. Like Matteo Guidicelli here, who’s rocking the sport and of course, the tricot-nylon-spandex suit.  With a practically perfect physique matching that boyish face, Matteo looks eternally fresh, no matter the sweat, grime and soot of the sport. Now that’s a package!

rex3I always remind you guys that the onset of summer in the metro is not March but the grand finals of the Sta. Lucia Mall Sexy Body competition. It’s the first bikini contest of the year in town! Last year, Allen Molina won, and he passed on the uh, thong or title to some guy in a red bowtie named Rexter Manaloto.

AlbertAlbert Gonzales stiffens up as he finished first runner-up.