Speaking of body of work, model and fitness guy Rey Talosig reminds us to drop the doughnuts and fried chicken (yes, Google it, they’re also paired in one dish, why haven’t I thought of that before?)  in this sweltry, sweaty photo. I can never have that kind of bod, I think, but I can always try not to gawk too much at those cuts and curves.  Rey’s also a tv actor, so what else can’t he do?

A well-built man

Rey TalosigHe’s always been that way – hot and muscled in all the right places. Rey Talosig used to be in that Sunday noontime show singing group Take 5 with cute gayboy Carlos Concepcion and hot gigolo Douglas Robinson.  Apparently, the sing-bump-and-grind routine didn’t quite work, so he’s on showbiz plan B as a bodybuilder and fitness trainer.

Humpday Hunk

Remember this group of hunks that used to sing and dance for the defunct Sunday show SOP over at GMA? Take 5 members went daring in photo shoots [Carlos Concepcion] and in indie flicks [Douglas Robinson, Marco Morales]. Now, it’s former member and model Rey Talosig‘s turn, as he exposes himself in GMA Artist Center’s Black Book. Hot!


The guy with the real rock-hard abs is Rey Talosig, Jr., a 28 year-old model-in-demand and former member of GMA-7’s noontime show hunks group – Take 5 [with cutie Carlos Concepcion and boldie Douglas Robinson]. He was the second-runner-up in the recently-held Century Tuna Superbods, too. This Broadcasting graduate from the University of the Philippines [Diliman] was not included in this year’s Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s list of hot bachelors because he is already married with a kid.

Where’s Rey Talosig?

On a quiet Saturday night, alone and simulating some order and sense inside the house, it came upon me that tomorrow, Sunday, would have to be my showbiz overload, should I have the time. Maybe I will start with the noontime shows – with a variety of singers, dancers and acrobats onstage. Then the teen shows [I’m a closet fan of that teen show on Channel 2]. And of course, the inane talk shows, Pete and Pete included, over at that hazy channel. Speaking of noontime shows, I turn on the tube at 1 pm to wait for the SOP Take 5 Boys [with main boy Carlos Bernardo Santos Concepcion. And there’s another hottie in there, the long-haired one called Rey Talosig, Jr. He has been in the modeling biz – mainly Bench underwear – for quite sometime now. And this hunky daddy [married with a daughter], has been trying to make it as a boyband singer, complete with the moves. In the publicity materials for the February 2007 launch of the group, 26-year old Rey has been tagged as the intelligent one [he finished Broadcasting at the University of the Philippines]. I haven’t been seeing the Take 5 boys perform though on SOP lately. Maybe they have been replaced by the much younger The Studs? Too bad, I just wish they’ll come back. Rey Talosig was one of the boys in that group who always gave me the full quiver.