In Briefs

Moving on, we have boys in briefs, too. No. 11 is your favorite bikini open contestant Richard Pangilinan, who’s actually making a big leap to the legit runways in the big city. Next to him is Carlo Lopez, last seen wet and wild in Hot Hunks 2010 together with Jerome Santos [rightmost]. Now that it’s bikini season, the boys have been very visible lately.

Pumped Up

Well, whaddya know? It’s Richard Pangilinan in the big city and in the big league! After his one-sided victory in summer’s biggest bikini open – Hataw Super Bodies, this hunky-handsome native of Angeles City seemed to have dropped out of the limelight. Recently, he appeared as one of the models in Folded & Hung‘s show at the fashion week series. Could he be the next signature model for F & H’s underwear line?


It’s him again. His major foray into the metro’s bikini contests via the Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5 might just do it for him in the glitzy world of modeling in the big city. Richard Pangilinan will be competing with about a dozen other hopefuls to bag the top prize in summer’s last bikini event on 18 August 2010 at the Metro Bar in Quezon City. For tickets and other details you may call 710.0352 or 0929 186.8060.


Summer’s last bikini hurrah is happening in Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5 on 18 August 2010 at the Metro Bar in Quezon City. Most of the contestants are fresh and new and young and cute. From top to bottom: Richard Pangilinan [!!!], Rainier Laparan [19, 6′], Lance Paolo Roxas [18, 5’10”], Keith Ocampo [18, 5’10”], Jojo Nepacina [21, 5’10”], Jed Rivera [22, 5’10”], Hanz de Leon [22,5’11”], Charles Chavez [22, 5’9″], and Carlo Lopez [20, 5’11”]. Who’s your bet?


For your dose of chinito charm, here’s Richard Pangilinan, a student of Criminology at the Angeles University Foundation in Pampanga. He’s quite known in the male personality competitions in his city and nearby areas [provinces] as he has been winning some of dem contests in his itty-bitty underwear. Happy Friday everyone!