The Cappuccinos!

Let’s see..topmost row is that of 22-year-old bikini contest veteran Kish McBride a.k.a Julian Kish [left] and 21-year-old student Rod Ortiz. On the second row, there’s controversial Sagwan actor Dennis Torres [left] and 23-year-old and 6’2″-tall Christian Cayabyab. Bottom row is composed of 18-year-old Filipino-German Adrian Patry a.k.a. Adrian Campos [left] and 20+-year-old Canadian Brendan Lewis. These are six of the eight members launched earlier tonight as the sexy male gorup, The Cappuccinos. Who’s your top pick?

Rod Ortiz of Cappuccinos

Yay! It’s Friday! We are down the Cappuccinos line and we have Rod Ortiz! He is a 21-year-old student of the Southeast Asian College, Inc., the one beside the United Doctors Medical Center in Quezon City. Rod is a native of Bataan province and hopes that his stint with the new group, Cappuccinos, will open doors for him in showbiz. The boy-group is coming out with a movie Sagwan this February but Rod is not in it, though. Maybe in the next more daring project? TGIF!

Shell-Shocker: Rod Ortiz

Earlier this this year,the French National Museum of Natural History revealed that it has discovered thousands of new species of mollusks and crustaceans around Panglao Island, 390 miles southeast of Manila. The French-led expedition team, which consisted of 80 scientists, technicians, students and volunteers from 19 countries – said its survey revealed over 1,200 species of decapod crustaceans – a group that includes crayfish, crabs, lobsters and shrimps – and some 6,000 species of mollusks. And here’s Rod Ortiz of Bataan province, aka Richard Cruz of Valentino magazine, with a new type of marine invertebrate called the whiskered mollusk. Tee-hee.