Whatever happened to Romano Vasquez?

He was one of the it boys of 80’s teen breeding ground That’s Entertainment, a vaudeville mishmash featuring precocious teens, good-looking or otherwise. After the demise of the pioneering teenybopper program, Romano Vasquez tried the movies and tv soaps for a time. After drugs took a toll on his career and finances, and in a surprise twist, he was eventually found twirling and twining in skimpy slings at Whitebird, a pricey gay club in Baclaran district. Subsequently, he went to Japan, and nothing much has been heard of him since.

Posing 101: Lying Face Down

[Anton Bernardo]

[Romano Vasquez]

[Jay Manalo]

[Patrick Guzman]

[Harold Pineda]

[Rodel Velayo]
Back in the olden days, when see-through meant curtains and not men’s underwear, one of the more popular variant poses for the strip-for-pay actors was the one lying face down. Plausibly, photogs for the gay mags who got tired asking their subjects to merely pose with their skivvies on, had to ask the guys to just lie down, with butt-crack showing. Remember, this was in the 90s and it was big deal then for these actors to well, position themselves that way. It was sufficient enough to tickle the prurient fancy of every adolescent gay boy then.