Sagwan Boys

At this time of the year in 2009, promotions were underway for the indie flick Sagwan introducing two bikini contest veterans – Dennis Torres [left] and Ryan Dungo. The boys were bold and daring in the movie which got a double X rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. Sagwan made waves further by pitting the MTRCB against the University of the Philippines [UP] when the movie was shown in the university’s Film Center sans cuts. MTRCB asserted it had jurisdiction over the university, which in turn denied such interference. Just the same, the damage had been done – UP stopped the showing of gaycore indie flicks. And what happened to the boys? They are back in the bikini contests.

Paddling Through

I was finally able to watch Sagwan, that controversial movie that put the University of the Philippines at loggerheads with the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. For a time, gay-themed movies with a full heaping of penis shots were freely shown at the UP Film Center. Until this indie flick came along, and the MTRCB took notice. One of the actors there, in fact the lead, is Ryan Dungo – a bikini contest veteran who made a bold and hard dedication to his craft in Sagwan. How did you find Sagwan?

Ryan Relaxed

Last year was the winningest one for aspiring actor Ryan Dungo in bikinidom come. He snagged the title in summer’s biggest contest – Hataw Super Bodies 2008 after a second runner-up finish in Heatwave 2008. And then he joined showbiz by stripping all the way in the controversial flick Sagwan, comprised mainly by the members of the sexy-boy group the Cappuccinos.  Ryan is the younger brother of Randolph, who’s equally daring and provocative in his movies Binyag and Lalamunan.  


Last year’s winner in summer’s biggest contest of guys in bikinis, Hataw Super Bodies, was Ryan Dungo [aka JC Dungo].  The Cappuccinos member was the surprise winner in 2008, as he outstripped other bikini pageant veterans and newbies in the competition.  On Sunday, 8 March 2009, there will be a go-see for contestants as Super Bodies Bikini Open will be launched at the 4th Floor of the National Press Club Building [the one at the foot of Jones Bridge, in Intramuros, Manila].  According to the organizers, this contest will be open for girls and boys, who must bring swimwear during the auditions.  The finals night will be on 25 April 2009 at Techno Wave Bar along Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City.  For more details, call 0923.6491784 or 476.4088. 

Sagwan tomorrow

Ryan Dungo [left] and Dennis Torres are reportedly doing the de rigueur frontal nudity scenes in the movie Sagwan, which is set to premiere tomorrow night [4 February 2009, 9 p.m.] at the UP Film Institute.  The two guys are part of the new boy-group Cappuccinos, which is also scheduled to do a sexy dance routine prior to the screening.  Now this is interesting as there’s actually a live show before the showing of the director’s cut of the film. Tickets cost P200.00 for reserved seats, P150.00 for regular and P100.00 for students.

The 8th member

You’ll have to excuse the oversight. I forgot there’s another member of the new boy-group Capuccinos and he’s Ryan Dungo. He is a familiar sight to bikini-contest-watchers because he’s been in a lot of those thongs-and-triceps contests last year, most prominent of which was the Hataw Super Bodies [he won]. Plus, he is the younger brother of Randolph Dungo, the re-packaged Ran Domingo of Lalamunan. FYI, Ryan Dungo is going naked all the way – one of the two guys doing full frontal scenes – in the movie Sagwan. The movie preem is on 4 February 2009 at the UP Film Institute.