Enticing Exercise


Today’s post would have to be inspirational, mainly for fat people who are bitter and lonely and vitriolic. There is still a big fat chance of transformation – diet, exercise and all.


Let Sam Ajdani lead your way to wellness and fitness, and you can look like him soon. Well, not the same, there may be some genetics involved and, at least you can have a bangin’ bod with that unlovely mug.

The Gang

IMG_1364Hail, hail the boys are here! How do you measure hotness in this picture? Now, this would be my dream aquarium (reference: link)! I can’t seem to choose among the Persian, Brazilian or Scot. Or maybe I’ll consider the French dude, notwithstanding there’s the Canadian-Chinese cutie. Life’s unfair, really. Yeah, who are you lusting after?

Rear Entry

John copyTop model John Spainhour is back, giving more buttocks for your buck. You’ve seen his full frontal sweetness, now gawk at his backside sweatiness ! Isn’t he bringing the rear to whole new levels?

SammySam Ajdani may not be known for plump buttocks but he may be better recognized for his front parts. You know, face and stuff. And then again, it’s a toss-up as to which side of Sammy is better – the back or the front.  You decide.


Bros copyWe’ve had a pretty lackluster week in terms of hunks in various states of undress, but what the heck, we’ve had a good run with the naked boys in the sideposts, eh? It’s not that there’s a dearth of bold and baring boys, it’s just that they’re too coy these days. Nevertheless we’re getting two today, and brothers at that! Tohid and Sam Ajdani grace us with their sexy sweaty presence. One is just fine, two is sheer joy!

Hunks day and night

JohnnyDidn’t I mention before that a month without a John or Sam feature in this site is like 30 days of night?  In the morning I would like to see John in all his nakedness. Fresh and smelling of laundered sheets from a restful night in bed.

SammyAt night, Sam Ajdanii would be my man. His musky scent will be all over the place. Despite an oversaturation of Sammy images in his underwear, we can’t seem to never get enough of this 6’2″-tall hunk. John, too. And then again, covering up these men with clothes would be one of life’s little tragedies in this part of the world.

Sam spreads the love

Sam1Sam Ajdani‘s tat on his lower body part reads like a hunky hipster’s half-rhyme: Fight off your demons and seek the light. Spread the love and keep the smile alive.

Sam2 Sam3He probably made that up himself. Got it from a song or a fortune cookie, maybe. One thing’s for sure, though, I love looking at that that tat on that part of his body. Now, if only I could get up close and smell the scent of a, uh, just-mowed lawn.