Models + Kirstey

Shirtless models! Of course, you know Filipino-Japanese Jiro Shirakawa [rightmost] of Bench Body, MossimoMSE and Natasha underwear fame. Then there’s sexy Brazilian Thiago Guenther [middle]. Dutch-Tunisian model Samir Ayeb [leftmost] is a familiar face in Manila’s modeling and club scene. He’s best friends with Raymond, too. And then, there’s this guy at the back, who goes by the name of Kirstey Viray, who has gone up the modeling ladder. Back when he was starting out, Kirstey was a bikini open regular. His talent in the contests is bumping and grinding nekkid in silver body paint. See pictures below.


No, he’s not Bolivian. Male model Samir Ayeb is half-Dutch, half-Tunisian and he’s done major ad campaigns in the country recently. Among the most notable projects that the 5’11”-tall hunk has done was for SM Department Store and Oxygen Clothing. Now, if only he’s more daring in his photo shoots here like what he did in previous poses abroad.