Best in Body

DorueloThis is how you do underwear. With lots of chutzpah and bulge, bulge, bulge! Remember the guy with the body that looks like it’s seriously photoshopped, Joseph Doruelo? He’s home, as he failed to get the  Mister Global title in Bangkok.  And then again with that physique he’s still a winner, if you ask me. He deserves a pat in the bulge.

The man of our summer dreams

HideoOnce every summer, nipo brasileiro model Hideo Muraoka strips down to his undergarments and shows off his fine bod. Well, we’re used to it, of course, dating back to his Folded and Hung days when his billboards were real traffic hazards (and gave new meaning to “speed bumps”). And now, he’s back, hotter than ever! We hope to see more, natch!


Aeron1You’ll have to bear with me with the technical glitches in the past. There’s no hacking, for sure. No revenge-driven gay guy out to put this site down. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is busy with his businesses and newly-revived tv career. Plus his house in Cecilleville is awfully quiet these days, abandoned by the Super Secret Group after that Ken brouhaha that the group members desperately want to forget.  Speaking of Ken, well he’s trying to be manful these days as he’s in showbiz now full time. He was advised to lie low from the gay scene – no Distillery or even attending Fifi’s Forbeswood Heights parties. Ken’s ex- Albert, though still bitter from last year’s awful breakup, is keeping his mind on his various businesses (and constant IG boasting). That Pogay guy is dirt poor somewhere in Batangas. So you see, no threats as of now. None yet. Just some uncool server messing up your daily dose of half naked guys.

A big and strong man

CanlasAfter the salvo of bikini boys, here’s a welcome respite: tall, dark and very sexy model Mark Canlas in all his boxer-briefs glory! It is not often we encounter a man like this one. Strong and towering at 6’2″, with a ripped and roaring bod! I am pretty sure you’ll cream in your pants with this one if you fancy large-sized and hard-muscled men!

This calls for a strip search

Dennis Keliag2Police alert! After that record win by policeman Mariano Flormata in Mister International in Seoul a few weeks ago, another emboldened officer is joining a personality search where the men are supposed to compete in a swimwear portion – Mister Republic of the Philippines. Police officer Dennis Keliag, 22 years old and representing the Cordilleras, might just win this competition.

Archie SeverinoIn the meantime, hairy guy Archie Severino braces for the contest also. Mr.Republic of the Philippines 2015: The Model Search will hold its finals night on Friday, 7 p.m. 6 March 2015 at the Maynila Ballroom of the Manila Hotel. Take that! For tickets inquiries please call 436.1500.


derricksOh to be 19 again! You with me ladies and gentlemen, do you remember 19? Let me tell ya, the juices are flowing, the red corpuscles are corpuscle-ing, the grass is green and soft, and summer’s gonna last forever. Now do you remember? Yeah you do. (Saul, Better Call Saul).  While we’re on the topic of teens and their haste to hunkydom come, count Derrick Monasterio in the exclusive club! Proof positive is his daily gym routine. The cuts and bulges are now showing! Maybe it’s a portent of things to come? Like some underwear endorsement. I can’t wait.

Again, again

ZeusPerhaps you’ll appreciate Zeus Collins more like this.  All tied up, pits and stuff. Zeus says he has more to offer other than his hot bod. Of course, there’s always that appealing mug, plus what do you call that part where the sun does not really shine? Seriously, I’ve always liked Zeus and whatever he’s teasin’ and showing – be it his bulge or muscles – I would gladly appreciate. I have no doubts he’ll stay in the biz, as he’s sexy and determined.

In leaps and bounds

Johnmark1How does one become legit in modeling? You know, major product endorsements, magazine editorials  and runway shows, that legit. Maybe we should ask Johnmark Marcia who literally came from nothing (wearing nothing) and bounced up the modeling ladder a few notches higher, with his latest underwear endorsement for Omni, which is considerably a major and commercial brand.

JohnmarkOf course, he has also appeared in a movie, a Bench underwear flash-and-pop show, and countless nude and fashion photoshoots. How’s that for a bikini boy? So, going back to the query, do all these little feats make him legit now? Up there in the male model definition?

Men in white

VicI must admit Victor Aliwalas is a favorite hunk. Who wouldn’t love this chunk of a man? The hirsute bod with all the wayward hairs on the arms and legs. That bulge (and balls) with great promise. Of course, that handsome mug that reminds of a tradie (tradesman), in a good way. I just love strong men, I guess!

chomoAnd here’s Orlando Sol! Again.  I told you about the Masculados onslaught these days. Maybe we’ll get to see him all wet in his white undergarments. Imagine the details, the visible lines of his throbbing purple-brown penis pushing against the drenched cotton fabric. Such wild imaginings!


Speaking of strong and sexy, mighty muscled Carlos Agassi comes to mind, too. He’s always showing off his burly, bruising form in ads for Guitar underwear, which he’s endorsing. I couldn’t be happier as Carlos slips on the teenie underthings without qualms and quandary, natch!

henrik90Lastly, the plat de résistance, gorgeous model Henrik Lagoni is coming back! In case you were under a rock the past few months, Henrik went back to his native Denmark to finish his Engineering degree. Yes, I’m jizzing in my pants right now thinking of all good things Henrik: handsome, tall, sexy, college degree, and big fat …. future! He’s my favoritest!

Down and durrrty

ozuongIf you noticed the Masculados flooding in this degenerate site lately, it’s because these boys, er, men are always nekkid! Teasing and pleasing in all their sweaty muscly glory. I can’t complain, of course. Our Hump Day boy, for instance, is member Ozu Ong, the one with the butch cut.  It seems he’s getting a certain high (and a stiffy) sniffing the coming summer air.

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