The Teacher

IMG_1308SamS copySamuel Jordan Smith may not be breaking the gay internet just yet like that famous and gorg math teacher who went nekkid in photo shoots. And then again, this “high school teacher” who moonlights as a model deserves a post today because (1) he is a HS teacher, for crying out loud! He’s that bring-home-to-momma guy! and (2) he has a bulge-y underwear pic! I’m just too glad there’s Google nowadays.

New Brazilian

arlen90When I’m looking for a nice hunk post for the day, I tend to mine the underwear shoots of the numerous Brazilians in our midst. One of them Brazilian models, who have been under the radar lately,  is definitely hot, hot, hot and his name is Arlen Gaspar. Mr. Handsome Guy is making waves lately for his fashion endorsements in the metro. The 20-something hottie is from Patos de Minas in the Brazilian state of Minas de Gerais and he has been in the country for quite some time because of modeling work and he’s married to a Filipina.

Pool side model

HideoI miss the summer – the careless, lazy days of the sunny season. The endless beach trips or dips in the pool. Dog days, picnic days. Heat wave and hot wave. And of course, the bikini boys by the pool under the hot summery sunshine of the midday hours. Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka does just that by the side of Bellagio 2 pool.

The Beautiful Penis

EMULATING RIMA dong should be two things: classy and fabulous — and girthful.


GinoEjAren’t they cute? Since I’ve piqued your interest  (or curiosity) about that movie director Gino Santos (right), I might as well do another shirtless post to emphasize his, uh, cuteness. He’s with his friend EJ Serrano, a medical student. Judging on this site’s visitors’ expertise on sweet and lovely boys, I’m pretty sure you know their respective 411s already.


Brent copy

Our favorite model boy-man Brent Javier is back from toiling abroad, selling condominium units to Filipino expats. A bit richer and wiser in the ways of the world, plus a bit of poundage. I don’t mind the extra mass, of course. It makes him cute and cuddly, if you ask me.

Your boy has a jawline for days


And yeah, Mikael Daez is one of the few underwear endorsers who can really hack it. Beautous maximus, with well-defined bulges here and there. Tall, dark and with a handsome mug, the 27-year-old hunk is currently focused on his underwear endorsement,  funny bits on prime time Friday tv and afternoon soaps. Obviously we’re more interested in his undergarments projects.

The next big thing


Hell yeah! It’s young hunky actor Derrick Monasterio, shirtless and candid. The next big thing – fresh, good looking and fit as a fiddle – Derrick is the brightest hope of GMA-7 for leading manhood. Next year, he’s finally doing Bench Body underwear. That is something to look forward to!

Beach Boy


Because he’s always naked in pictures (and Bench Body video ads). Because he wears teenie tiny underwear, teasing and pleasing with his bulges and bumps. Because we can never get enough of his hot bod. John Spainhour is our porn star boss!

Boys of the night

SlaterGinoLeave it to the side posts for the sleaze. Today’s main post consists of cute and adorable boys who go by the names of Jan Slater Young (left) and Gino Santos. Of course, you’ve seen Slater before, who shot to his 15 minutes of fame via the local Big Brother franchise. Now, this Gino is interesting because he works behind the scenes: as a movie director! He helmed the recently-shown Ex With Benefits starring Derek Ramsay.

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