Off Season


I’m wondering – and I’m pretty sure you are too – what Arnold van Opstal is up to these days. He’s not playing in the collegiate basketball games this season in preparation for his pro career.  In the meantime, he’s off season and I’m guessing he has lots of sexy free time at the moment.  For underwear modeling, of course.

Random pick of the day


You’ve seen Rookie Renz Dilla here before as the flawless and very fair-skinned bikini open contestant. He’s back today for, uh, more skin. Rookie Renz has devoted most of his sexy time to joining bikini contests until they got raunchier of late. We wouldn’t mind raunchy, of course.

Yellow is the color

hans9 hans7

Remember Markki’s gauzy yellow underwear, which he wore for the Bench Body ads a few months back? Well, it’s in the stores already! The undergarment is actually light and flimsy, you can see the shape and size of the penis of catalog model Hans Weiser. Too bad Markki donned his briefs with a cup (see the photo). Maybe he can do a re-shoot?

Spanish fly

joaquin2 copy

In my continuing efforts to un-porn the site a bit (at least in the main posts), today’s feature is a hunk in a jock with the big butt-ocks: Joaco Cañas. You might remember him as the nekkid guy in the Metro magazine spread.  When he’s not busy as a football player for the Loyola Meralco Sparks FC, the Spaniard-in-our-midst drops his trousers for modeling assignments. However risqué they are.

Varsity Boy

MigoWe have to un-porn the site for a while. Our main post today is wholesome swimmer and occasional model Migo Gonzaga. The 22-year-old hottie with the swimmer’s bod used to be a varsity basketball player for Perpetual Help University before suiting up (or shedding clothes) for the College of St. Benilde swim team. Bring on the speedos!

Colt, too

foalbroThere are supposedly seven people in the world who look just like you. This boy could appear to be someone else, like a famous guy or the brother of a relatively famous person. We couldn’t care less as he’s a bit cute and charming. Plus, that mighty penis! Happy Hump Day!

The Colt


“Large streams from little fountains flow. Tall oaks from little acorns grow.”

Starting out

IMG_0941 copyEveryone has to start somewhere. In the case of 21-year-old visitor Kyle Perry, he’s one of the more visible bodyguards on noontime tv. Never mind the heat and the silliness, Kyle’s getting noticed these days. When he’s not suffering indignities on the set, he’s a model for tv commercials. And Bench Body boxer briefs.



Eric Soriano once populated this blog with his sexy lean frame (see here and here and here). As male models age and gain a bit of poundage, I’d like to believe he’s aging like fine wine. It doesn’t matter if he’s chunkier in some ways because that’s a good part of why he’s featured here as well.

Young male pits

Did you know that there’s a term for armpit fetishism? It’s called maschalagnia, and it involves “kissing, tasting, tickling and smelling their partner’s armpits during sexual foreplay.”   I  had to Google that up because I wanted to do a post on today’s most popular boys in showbiz showing off their pits. Some are shaved, some are thick. Which pit do you like?

jamesHandsome boy James Reid trims his pits.


Douchebag-of-the-hour Enrique Gil doesn’t grow hair there.


Hugely popular Alden Richard is a delight with the underarm tuft.


And Daniel Padilla is also sparse in that region.

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