Dream Parade


IMG_7227This is my dream parade. John Spainhour would go first, then the Semerad twins – David and Anthony, followed by Vince Ferraren and Arnold van Opstal. Tall, bulky boys bulging in their undergarments! A year ago today, this happened at the Bench Naked Truth underwear show. The stars aligned that afternoon for a rare glimpse of these men together in one stage, fleeting, passing by. The hunks lined up alright!

IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7231


Bros copyWe’ve had a pretty lackluster week in terms of hunks in various states of undress, but what the heck, we’ve had a good run with the naked boys in the sideposts, eh? It’s not that there’s a dearth of bold and baring boys, it’s just that they’re too coy these days. Nevertheless we’re getting two today, and brothers at that! Tohid and Sam Ajdani grace us with their sexy sweaty presence. One is just fine, two is sheer joy!

Shirtless and oiled up


Today’s theme in the main and side posts is easy to guess. Now this is tough: if you were to choose between these two cute model boys who are known to be very friendly, who would it be? The one on the left is Erie Obsena and the other is Martin Reyes. Although they are both taken in the real world, maybe we can do a fantasy pick?

Hey Mr. DJ!

IMG_1289 IMG_1288

What’s admirable about former child actor Tom Taus is that he was able to revive his showbiz career from zero to DJ hero.  Of course, it also matters that he’s got a cute face and a to-die-for bod. Which only proves that the best boys are the ones who exude beauty and talent.

Smörgåsbord Sunday!

boys64The models got shirtless today – and two even got down in their shorts – so say hello to the fine likes of Henrik Lagoni, Arthur Tselishchev, Sam Louie Turner and Daniel Diniz! This is an international list – Henrik is from Denmark, Arthur from Ukraine, Sam from the United States and Daniel from Brazil. They come from afar and they’re congregating in Manila for our man-candy visual enjoyment, of course.

Hunky babe meat

Marcel copy

We’ve always promoted diversity in this site – from the strippers to commercial models, in all shapes and sizes. The thing is, there is beauty in every male form. Marcel Stulir may not be conventionally handsome but he sure is a headturner in more ways than one. The 24-year-old Filipino-Turkish model, who is from Butuan City, lists himself as a nature lover. We love him, too.


Francis8You might have blinked and missed this hot and handsome guy at the Cosmo carnival last Saturday, but there’s always the worldwide web for steamy photos! In town for the event (and to visit family members),

francis1 francis2 Francis3 Francis4 Francis5 Francis6 Francis7 Francis10

Filipino-Kiwi model and actor Francis Mossman was one of the better-looking hunks at the weekend event. He’s an actor back in Oz and well, his unconventional good looks and well-built physique make him a standout from the cookie-cutter model boys. (Yes, he has a cute younger brother here who sings and hosts shows)

The Bernardos

Bernardo1 Bernardo2

The Aldub phenomenon also brought three cute boys to the forefront of pop consciousness. Never mind if they’re models and two have foreign ancestry, they’re too cute and very popular these days! Dubbed as the Bernardos, the three have become recognizable faces today. The most senior, Joco San Juan was a Cosmo  bachelor five years ago, so he wasn’t included in this year’s list. Corbin Edmonds is from Canada while Kyle Perry is from the US. Any one will do, if you ask me.

Man buns

IMG_1254There was nothing spectacularly racy and risqué at the recently held Cosmo bash. Heck, no one went out in their underthings! So today is a good day for runway models who are taking their shirts and pants off in the name of hotness: Kirstey Viray and Carlo Lee. You’ve might remember Kirstey as the ballsy guy a few years back. Carlo is the Korean one, who’s bringing K-popness to our modeling scene.

Sunday fuller, something to come

IMG_1257That subtle pout! Our favorite Bench Body model interrupted, Jeff Langan is back in his usual underwear-clad self after that very hasty departure from our local shores last year. While we will stop speculating for now what made him leave his flourishing career at the click of a drop of a hat, I am just too glad our local magazines are still reaching out to him on the other side of the ocean. For a sexy underwear shoot, of course.

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