In B & W

AJI haven’t tried posting black-and-white photos, but there’s always a first time. Maybe it will work a la Herb Ritts.  Although the bright colors have been removed, I think they’ll do just fine highlighting the male beaut. First photo is ex-varsity baller and now-model AJ Hanson, who’s a favorite of The Old Queen whenever he/it visits New York City.

derekAnd then there’s Derek Ramsay, who’s relevant again because he has a movie coming up. Of course, he’s always relevant in the biz, as long as he takes off his shirt and flashes his sweaty abs anytime!

ENCHONGSpeaking of relevance, popular actor Enchong Dee is also in black and white, drawing attention to his fine little-boy features.

hideoOne of our favoritest Brazilians overstaying-in-town Hideo Muraoka is flashing those sturdy limbs and gams. He can stay in this country forever, I wish!

TomasTom Rodriguez is the actor-of-the-hour with his take on the leading-man role in GMA’s best bet in prime time ratings, Marimar. In one of his promo photos, he’s all-too sexy even if it’s in black and white.

JesseSomeraTo prove to you that B & W works also in sexy shots, here’s a photo of Filipino-American model Jesse Somera, giving us a glimpse of his bright future in the industry. If it’s in B&W, it must be artsy (even if there’s male nudity)!


Jay Gonzaga copyRejoice it’s the middle of the week! Soon the weekend’s here again. To celebrate Hump Day, our boy’s Jay Gonzaga, the best argument for the return of the sexy skimpy Speedos. Jay’s been featured most recently but I wouldn’t mind diving in for seconds with that smashing bod. Would you?

The Vinces

Vince1Monday’s feature is all about this unrelated duo of boys, except for the fact they share(d) a common name. Model Vince Canizares once dominated the runways of Manila. That was a decade ago, and he’s still at it.  It meaning modeling, although now, he’s too inked, dividing his hordes of fans whether they still like him or not. I still like him, if you ask me.

Vince2Benjamin Sapida used to be called Vince Saldaña when he was just starting out in a reality show for cute boys. Today, he’s known as Benjamin Alves and his body of work consists of movies, afternoon soaps on tv, and walking and posing in his Bench Body underwear a couple of years back. Some body of work, actually.

Marked man

Miguel Masigan copyBetween fancy (under)pants and tighty whities, I’d go for the latter. Of course, you know my reasons. Clean crisp lines over the colorful cheap-ass tacky briefs today.  Case in point: Miguel Patrick Masigan , who’s looking immaculately gooood in those briefs!

Work your body!

Luis Luis2

An American English idiom for Wednesday is “hump day.” I always thought it referred to the sexual activity, like humping and pumping. It turns out, “hump day” Wednesday is a reference to making it through to the middle of the work week as “getting over the hump.” However you want to treat this hump day, here’s sexy-sweaty and somewhat hunky model Luis Hontiveros who’s slowly making a name for himself in the biz.

Showdown in Cheeky Town

IMG_0468The main purpose of this twin bill is the male rump. The fleshy backsides of these two handsome Brazilians in our midst: George Irineu (left) and Hideo Muraoka. Just look at those amazing pieces of flesh on display! Though they are not fully exposed, I’ll let my wayward imagination do the visualization.

By request: Kenji Marquez


Yesterday my email received quite a number of requests for a Chema Marquez a.k.a. Kenji Marquez post. I figured, he’s now a private person and wondered about the sudden interest in one of the original Bench Body models. And then again, I’m only too willing to oblige lest the angry, complaining lot descend on this site again. Today, we have a Kenji Marquez post.


Kenji first appeared as one of the Bench underwear models 12 years ago. He’s seen here in the China launch of the underwear line.


Back then he was in good(looking) company. He was with Zanjoe Marudo, Luke Jickain, Corey Wills, Einar Ingebrigtsen, Victor Basa, Andrew Wolff, Alvin Alfonso, Rocky Salumbides and Jon Mullally. It was a fab lot of handsome boys assembled by Bench. But I digress.


After that China stint, Mr. Marquez modeled for Bench for a while.

kenji4 kenji5

As one of the favored ones, Bench even included him in a coffee table book. Sexy, eh?


Chema also dabbled into acting, most of the time as the token Japanese guy. He claims he doesn’t have Japanese blood, actually. Born Jose Manuel Marquez Laurel, he comes from a long line of prominent personalities in politics, entertainment and fashion. Chema is now off the showbiz grid as he works in a bank.

Lim + Tan

XIan LimLo and behold! It’s Xian Lim shirtless! It is one of those rare occasions when the actor takes off his shirt for a shoot, ever since he hit the popularity jackpot in showbiz. While he may be getting all the Douchebag and Asshat Awards lately, it doesn’t mean I can’t call him hot this time. Today, in this pic.

MikeTanThere’s actually no connection or similarity with Xian (or maybe you can surmise). I just want to post him here again.  Of course, you’ve seen Mike Tan in various underwear photos before. This time he’s in a different pair of tight boxer briefs and peculiar pose, so he deserves another feature.

Sports Bet

MikeI’m not too knowledgeable about any kind of sports, but when it’s a shirtless Michael DiGregorio who’s playing basketball, I’m prepared to sit down and gawk and well, learn more about shooting and dribbling.  The Filipino-Italian cutie sure knows how to capitalize on his looks and bod, as he jumps into modeling Bench Body underwear once in a while. That, you’ll have to Google.

Nice Guy


Model-most-ubiquitous Mark McMahon is bulging through this Tuesday. It isn’t often that we get a fine combination of good looks and well, prominent bulge in these parts of the globe. Mark is in that league, as seen in his previous photos in this site. Scrumptious!

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