The personal trainer

adam lloyd2 adam lloyd1In case you’re wondering about that hunky handsome guy in black (see sidebar about the queen bee and the boys), his name is Adam Llloyd. He has a potent mix of Filipino, Spanish and Australian genes in him, and that explains the unique look. Born and bred (don’t you just love that word, bred?) in Oz, he came to the Philippines to study high school in Baguio. He has since stayed in the country, as a personal trainer, model and part-time actor.

Apple of the eye

adryanI figured with the nekkid guys in the sidebar for your daily dose of sleaze, I might just post here in the main area shirtless images of model-of-the-hour Adryan Hanson from Cebu. You see, he’s all set to conquer New York and LA with modeling gigs, thanks to representation from a big agency in the US. In the meantime, he’s in town to be with his rich friend. Friends.

The Kid

MartinI can never get enough of Martin del Rosario these days. It’s because he’s always in various stages of undress for the past few months. He’s becoming a mainstay in this site, for crying out loud! I’m not complaining, as I’m actually  in awe! That little boy body, those hairs, the puppy-dog eyes. I can go on for hours, actually.

Summer Semerad

SemeradIt’s been a while since a fine young Semerad graced the pages of this site. Just the same, the twin towers haven’t changed a bit, ever since they came on to our shores:  tall and huge and delish as ever. David Semerad (in picture) is still packing in the goods, to brighten up our lazy sleazy Saturday!


dom martin

So that’s why they were on a Siargao beach resort! Super sexy-cute young actors and Bench Body endorsers Dominic Roque and Martin del Rosario ham it up in provocative poses under the hot, hot sun as the double covers of the summer issue of Garage magazine. Choose!

Fit and right

victorI love me some Victor Basa, who never seems to age. He’s looking better than ever. Fit and oh so sexy, this guy has an amazing presence. And addicting! How can you not like such a face and body! Plus, he is all sugar and spice and everything nice. Okay, now I’m gushing again I have to stop.

Enrique is ♥ as always


Heck, it could be a good start. You know, Enrique Gil going all the way, all the underwear way for his Folded & Hung endorsement. This bathroom mirror selfie – though grainy and far – will do for our collective fantasies about this smooth and beautiful boy. For now.


felipe gomesFunny, it’s the summer season and there’s a dearth of local boys in tiny bikinis in town. Well, not the boys of the bikini-open sub0culture, but the models and the actors and the wannabes. They’re all too coy to put on those ‘kinis in front of the camera. So for now, I guess I’ll we’ll just have to be contented with the fly-in models, like this Brazilian hottie Felipe Gomes, who’s so gorg in his Calvins!

Ricky Flowers Jr.1 Ricky Flowers Jr

I just realized I rarely post a picture of a beautiful black man in this site. Ricky Flowers, Jr., who is in town, is one of those drool-worthy models who make you want to forget your name temporarily. Just look at that bulge, for crying out loud (and huge)! In case he looks familiar, he’s doing the SM Department Store campaign this summer for men, along with Hideo and Daniel and Rafael.


Best in Body

DorueloThis is how you do underwear. With lots of chutzpah and bulge, bulge, bulge! Remember the guy with the body that looks like it’s seriously photoshopped, Joseph Doruelo? He’s home, as he failed to get the  Mister Global title in Bangkok.  And then again with that physique he’s still a winner, if you ask me. He deserves a pat in the bulge.

The man of our summer dreams

HideoOnce every summer, nipo brasileiro model Hideo Muraoka strips down to his undergarments and shows off his fine bod. Well, we’re used to it, of course, dating back to his Folded and Hung days when his billboards were real traffic hazards (and gave new meaning to “speed bumps”). And now, he’s back, hotter than ever! We hope to see more, natch!

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