Sexy Dancer

Isn’t Jan Stephen Noval the cutest dancer? The prized and popular member of the Gforce dance group should have a solo spot. Heck, he can even go alone in showbiz, with his more influential backers and benefactors. I think he has a lot of promise, bump and grinding his way to the top.

Hunk In Our Midst

Hunky person in our midst Christian Arno Williams is getting popular. Thanks to his noontime show exposure, he’s getting recognized in the streets. Of course, when he’s not busy carrying out mascot duties for Eat Bulaga, he’s also doing modelling jobs this side of the globe.

Fantasy Hunk

How about a delish guy waiting for you in bed, his manly, musky scent – with high levels of testosterone – wafting through the small room? Like Sam Ajdani maybe, in tiny cheap-ass undies. 


Make way for Lucky Mercado, the diminutive funny guy and tv host over at TV5. He’s doing the sexy shirtless bit and he wants your lusty opinion. Lucky once danced half-nekkid with Rodjun Cruz at the Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash. 

Pits Bros

What makes armpits sexy? Do they have to have lots of hair? Or less? Maybe the skin’s not too dark. Add in a bit of muscles, more defined than huge, bulging muscles around the pits. How about smell? Do they have to be pungent like onions? Or sweet smelling like vanilla and lime soap? Do the Brothers Teng have sexy armpits in their latest Bench outing?

Fat No More

“He had emerged from baby fat to the delight of girls and mothers alike.” That’s Alden and he’s fat no more! I think he’s going sexy, slowly and surely. His appearances in the last Cosmo Bash plus his Belo Medical endorsement are hinting at a bolder Alden this year.  


How do you like thick, strong and sturdy legs? Up and coming model Billy Villeta shows us his chunky stumps. Sexy! Billy is the 2010 Hari ng Negros and a semifinalist in the Mr. Philippines 2013 contest. 

The Brothers Agassi

You’ve seen Amir Agassi a.k.a Carlos [left] in various states of undress. Now meet his brothers, equally cute and hot, but out of the spotlight in showbiz. The bear in the middle is Yousef a.k.a Michael, while the one on the right is Ahmad a.k.a. Aaron. Who’s your bet?

More Merfolk

More sexy shirtless boys, as mermaids, er, mermen in the newest fantasy series of ABS-CBN. Expect Sam Milby [left] and Markki Stroem to show off abs and some skin as they take on underwater folk roles in the prime time series. I am hoping they’ll go beyond the spandex and wear more daring under-the-sea costumes, like these bikini open contestants –

Ram Ace, Jhon Mark, and Mark John

Tim, Jaydan and Arjem

Locker Room Guy

Oh, Zanjoe in Star Wars boxer briefs! Imagine seeing your crush a.k.a. object of lust and desire in the locker room, nekkid in his geeky underpants. Will you get turned off easily? It doesn’t matter, if you ask me. You’ll throw away the ugly shorts anyways when he’s  DTF you do the deed.
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