And where is our favorite little boy going? Martin del Rosario‘s career seemed headed to oblivion, after a whirlwind start at ABS-CBN. Many thought he was destined for superstardom together with the likes of Enrique and Sam. And then his projects got scarce.  Will you follow him wherever he goes?


The nekkid athlete in the Metro Body Issue was really bare-naked after all in the shoot. Joaco Canas was in his birthday suit when he posed with just a pricey bag over his privates. How sexy can that be?

The Man

Is Derek Ramsay still relevant these days? Is he still in the offing as the best leading-man of all time in Philippine movies? While his star may have faded significantly in the top-actor category, Derek remains as the quintessential hot lead actor in soap operas and in the movies. 


Who likes Derrick Monasterio
Is he one of the new guys on the Leading-Men-In-Waiting Block 
of GMA station?  Will he do sexy any time soon? 

Another Dick

Here’s another anonymous guy with a huge member. 
Keep on sending those nude selfies, I say!
Did you know that this is my 4000th post? Yay!

The Endorser

And yeah, Carlos Agassi is one of the few underwear endorsers who can really hack it. Muscular, with well-defined bulges here and there. Cute bubble butt. Handsome mug. The 32-year-old hunk, when he’s not busy in his home gym and posing for his Guitar underwear endorsement, appears in bit roles on tv sometimes.

In Red

Perpetually boyish Jiro Shirakawa is our boy for the Chinese New Year! Decked in lucky red underwear, Jiro’s hot Oriental look is making him one of the busiest guys for booking this side of town. Aside from his underwear endorsement for a direct-selling company, he appears in almost every runway show, TV commercial and print ad.


So this is the image of Kristofer Martin promoting 
his latest soap Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw in GMA. 
Whaddya think  [or feel]? Hot or not?


How I wish we could all be voyeurs, watching Enrique Gil by his bedroom window. Undressing and teasing. Maybe he could do a little dance, with that sexy thing that he does with his grinding.

Alden and his pits

While pit lovers can rejoice with the gratuitous display of underarms, GMA’s leading-man-in-waiting Alden Richards may have to forego going beyond shirtless [e.g. modelling underwear and sexy what-nots] for now.  His home station’s putting all the stakes on him this year as the next big matinee idol. Will it be boom or bust for the cute actor?
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