Another Victor

And how’d you like our new underwear model so far?

Metro Body: Carlos

This, by far, is actor, bodybuilder and underwear model Carlos Agassi‘s sexiest shoot yet, with his penis and balls thrust somewhere inside a Gucci stirrup jaguar print handle bag. Lucky bag, and I heard that one’s for sale. At a premium.  Image is from the Body Issue of Metro Magazine. Go buy! 

Metro Body: John Carlo

Every year, Metro Magazine [Phils] comes out with a New Year special featuring hot, hot bodies in various stages of undress. On the magazine’s 25th year, the Metro Body issue packs the men [and women] in one scorcher of an issue, featuring Ms. Universe 3d runner-up Ariella Arida on the cover. Buy the January 2014 issue of the magazine! BTW, that’s JC de Vera with the Lucrezia multi print Givenchy bag.

Cock Tease

Oh, it would be nice to see multi-hyphenated personality Edward Mendez totally nekkid. And then again we would have to be contented with his dick-teasing for now, with some groin here and a bit of flesh there. Such a fine specimen, this Edward person. 

Diamond in the Rough

It means someone that has exceptional qualities and future potential but needs some work and polishing. This is Stephen Dorschner, a frequent fare in the bikini competitions of late.  He is 23 years old, and in case you’re wondering about the name, he’s of German descent. Looks promising, right?

How to suck an uncut penis

Whether it is of international model [and SM Department Store endorser] David Gandy

or of some random Filipino hunk, the uncut human penis is such an exotic and rare, uh, delicacy this side of the globe.  With concerns about the smell of piss and the sight of smegma, how do you suck an uncircumcised cock?


And there’s a sudden surge of requests for photos of Maico Eduria a.k.a. Josh Ivan Morales. Here’s one I can pull out from the files. Your favorite Tito Jo is back, thanks to his tv exposures [he’s doing bit roles in the prime time soaps]. He was last seen doing back up in the ABS-CBN prime time soap Honesto.
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