Here Lies Love

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Piolo Pascual‘s latest sexy picture. Admit it, he’s still hot as ever!

This is our youth


Suddenly he’s naked all over! Shirtless, actually. Boy-hunk James Reid is very popular these days. He’s practically all over the magazine covers (sans shirt, of course) and tv spots and shows in ABS-CBN. Of course, I can’t wait to see him become more daring (e.g. tighty whities) in the very near future.

Dear Derrick


You grew up too fast. How old are you now? 18, 19? Your hormones went on a roaring rampage. And then again we’re not complaining. It means we, the hungry-for-fresh-faces-and-bods lot, will get to see more of your semi-naked torso for promotional shoots and endorsements of the sexy variety. Who knows, Bench Body might notice you, too?

Enchong Delight


Will Enchong Dee finally get over his cutesy phase and venture into Bench Body underwear territory?


James or Phil? The brothers Younghusband heat up the summer in their shirtless, wet-shorts states. Do you like the taller, older James? Or the more popular younger one, Phil?

Apollo’s Belt

The most insane Apollo’s belt belongs to model-bit player Miko Raval. In case you’re wondering about what that belt is, it means that part of the anatomy that runs from the hip bone to the pubis.  It is most often used by bodybuilders [and gymrats] to describe the two shallow grooves on the stomach and groin area.

Rob Pits

Extreme weight loss reality show a.k.a. The Biggest Loser host Robbie Domingo is going sexy. Well, he’s 24 years old, enough to dare and bare for the ogling public. He’s seen here displaying his wares – pits, torso and all. Maybe in due time, he’ll follow his friend Sam Concepcion‘s sexy Bench Body path.

R & R

Oh, these brothers! These fine young men with great muscles.
Rodjun the Elder and Rayver the Younger. 
They’re blazing, blistering under the hot, hot sun.

How do we describe them again? “Broad shoulders, narrow hips,
and their abdominal muscles ripple as they walk.”


If the title of the afternoon series is Moon of Desire, expect sexy shirtless boys 
romping around in the small screen. Moon of Desire will be shown on 
ABS-CBN’s afternoon weekday slot starting 31 March 2014.
Maybe we’ll get to see Dominic Roque at his boldest ever. The young and unknown boy
in undies in the old Penshoppe ads is now one of the lead actors in the series.

And then again JC de Vera, career resurrected from tv oblivion,
might just show off more than baring his torso, just to prove to the young’uns
that well, he still has what it takes to be a future leading man.

Introducing Miko Raval, ex-UP varsity baller and occasional model, 
direct from the casting couch.


It seems, Aljur is bursting with glee with the success of his tv series about mermaids. In the prime time show, he’s not required to wear shirts. Which is good, right? Now, if only he’ll drop his pants just a wee bit.
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