Jay R(ising)

JR copy

I am all up for guys who have taken off their shirts and shorts in the name of hotness. What makes it doubly interesting for Jay R Sillona is that he’s also top in the singing and dancing department.  The former Bench Body model, who’s had his share of runway and commercial ads in just a pair of briefs, is popular these days – thanks to his ABS-CBN shift. He can be seen in the local franchise of Your Face Sounds Familiar on weekends.

Here lies love

markyI know life is unfair sometimes. There are always cute boys who possess great oral vocal powers e.g. singer Mark Bautista. Rumors of his legendary large member, of course, add to the mystery behind this hunky guy.  So it’s always a triple or lotsa-treat when Mark happens to also have a wonderful physique. Now that’s a package!


I believe it is only now that we are appreciating the great talent that is Carlos Agassi. Maybe it’s because of his resurgence as an underwear model, comfortable in his own skin and flesh, with all the muscles in between.  We’re so used to seeing him then as a fitness guy doing cutesy moves with his own rap. That’s all over for him now, as he’s grown up to be one fine hella hotter hunk, if you ask me.

Everybody Loves Markki

Yes, indeedy! Everybody loves Markki! There is a heightened interest in this Filipino-Norwegian singer-actor-model. Perhaps he has a nice bod. Or that his bulge is prominent sometimes. In any case, it’s all about his awesome sex appeal.  At the Cosmo Bash held recently, the audience went apeshit when he pulled his pants down.