Everyone’s Talking About…

Amor Y Muerte, that Cinemalaya entry of daring singer Markki Stroem. According to the film festival’s website, Amor Y Muerte is “an erotic 16th century period drama …[that] examines the initial encounter between the natives and their colonizers and their conflicting views on love, passion, religion and sexuality.” Well, the biggest revelation is, of course …..

Markki who gets to do some nudity in blink-and-you-will-miss-it scenes. Remember we mentioned this last February, with Jake Cuenca initially tapped to do the part?

Desirable Singer

Somehow we forgot for a while that singer Jay R was once a hottie in the Bench Body backyard. Back in the day, he was gamely posing and primping in his tighty whities [and huge bulge].  Although he is not conventionally handsome, the hunky vocalist is confident and oozing with sex appeal. Do you still find him sexy?


Is singer Christian Bautista a hottie or a nottie in this photo? 
Would you like to see him pose in Bench Body underwear pretty soon?


Is Christian Bautista gearing up for some project a la Full Monty, too? Why is he half-naked these days? Maybe he’s taking the sexy path again, just like his good friend Mark Bautista.  Just asking. Do you like him sexy and shirtless?

Marky ❤

Oh, you’ll love this, too! Singer and tv actor Mark Bautista finally shows off his sexy bod [and bulge] after quite some time. It has been more than four years now when he strutted his stuff, shirtless in red jeans and fake blood, on the runways for the Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash . And look at him now – one fine specimen for all the girls and girls to see!


And so it’s true. He has six-pack abs after all.  Now, if only Markki Marked  would wear dem tighty whities every time he appears on stage, singing or acting. Markki’s surely made some mark in the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. Will he be going sexy again in the near future?


That’s how Paulo Avelino is described these days. Versatile. He can dance. Do that purely evil villain thing on prime time tv. Disrobe, too. Now, he’s singing and how! Paulo’s eponymous CD was recently launched, containing Filipino song covers. CD comes with the sexy pic, by the way.


Oh, it’s little boy JM de Guzman! He’s one of the Cosmo centerfolds this year and he’s shedding off some clothes. During the Cosmo bash, he did that puppy-dog eyes shtick much to the delight of the wild crowd that night. One of the more popular actors of his station, JM is adorable.

My, My Marky!

Reader L.T. sends in these images of Mark Bautista [middle] and some half-nekkid guys and I’m thinking Gay Days Orlando. Except that these photos were taken maybe from the rooftop of GMA where Marky‘s one of the resident singers and actors, during one of the welcome-summer events of the station. Still, the guy’s looking hotter these days. Right?


In other news, to finally put the issue to rest, singer Christian Bautista, who really knows everything, has finally spoken:

Christian Bautista came to the defense of his friend, singer Mark Bautista, whose name is being dragged into the breakup of celebrity couple Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion. Christian belied rumors that Mark is gay. “Mark is not gay. Ganun ang industry. Matagal na ito. It’s not new, and Mark and Piolo have proven themselves time and time again. No matter merong isyu na ganito, they will survive. They have songs, they have concerts,” he said. Christian said that he himself was also once rumored to be gay. But instead of dwelling on the issue, the romantic balladeer chose to move on.

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