It means Man of the Moment. To those asking for shirtless, sexy photos of singer and occasional actor Mark Bautista, I can only remember a few times he shed his clothes off for the cameras. I think he’s conservative and all.
The first time I saw him without a shirt on was when a local magazine convinced him to do so for a short editorial. This was made around six, seven years ago, when he was just new in the business, controversy-free. Innocent boy look.

And then he made an album and went sexy, too. Previous photo of him with Yul and Sam was also taken from his music CD, which went gold after a while.

Last time he made a sexy public appearance was when he was channeling a vampire in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s bachelor bash in 2009. That was the time he was apparently dumped for another model-actor. But all is well now. He has a steady career at GMA-7 and a good life.

Big Star

He’s GMA’s Next Big Star – model-singer Geoff Taylor. Well, not yet, though. The 24-year-old hunk is patiently waiting in the wings for his biggest break yet. He’s a regular in the weekend variety shows, plus some guest appearances in the station’s soaps and shows.

Sexy Singer Swimming

Filipino-Norwegian singer and actor Markki Strøm is swimming and he’s really sexy – nice bod, legs and arms, the whole package! The 24-year-old hunk who made some teasing at a Bench show a couple of years ago, rarely goes naked these days as he’s concentrating on his career as a crooner. Here’s hoping he will do Bench Body again.


Speaking of Bench Uncut, will singer-actor Christian Bautista also make a big reveal on the night of the show? Will he wear briefs and show off his abs and bulge and spindly legs? The 28-year-old pop singer has bulked up in recent months and he’s not actually coy about it. His shirtless pics are all over the net and people expect him to expose more in the coming underwear show.

Pretty Boy Singing

Tight shirt, white teeth, smooth voice and a sad song on a piano. How could we not vote for this cute puppy called Markki Strøm, a 23-year-old Filipino-Norwegian singer on Pilipinas Got Talent [PGT]? Last night during the show’s semifinal round, he played the piano and sang to his heart’s content. Vote for Markki so that he’ll win in this contest – text PGT[space]MARKKI to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun or 231 for Smart and TnT. If he’ll top PGT, Bench Body will also make him an underwear endorser. Tee-hee.

Why Not?

This is the actual and un-photoshopped image of 28-year-old singer and occasional actor Christian Bautista shirtless for the Bench billboard that went up along busy EDSA in the metro a month ago. Many had to take a second look [traffic hazard] to confirm that it’s really the wholesome “Romantic Balladeer” in a rather bold move. Well, it’s him all right, thanks to gym sessions and whole lot of image development.

Loco Over Jaco!

Nineteen-year-old Jaco Benin is the son of former Side A band member Joey Benin. He is now part of the latest batch of Star Circle and will appear in ABS-CBN’s reprised youth oriented show “Gimik 2010” to be launched earlier this year. He also performs for the Sunday noontime show ASAP on a musical segment entitled “Full Circle”. There are plans for a solo album to be released soon under Polyeast Records.

Float On

Bench Body model and singer-actor Jay R keeps on truckin’ in showbiz, as he’s not over and done with. He is busy with his noontime show with GMA-7 plus some movies on the side and guest appearances in his home studio’s soaps. He produces his own music, which is pretty impressive. Of course, the 28-year-old self-proclaimed “Philippines’ Prince of R&B” models for the underwear line of Bench and he still looks awesomely sexy after all these years.

Lance Onate, singing star

The last time I saw singer-dancer Lance Onate was during Holy Week in Boracay Island. He was with his good friend, the male model Mark Manicad. He was tan, trim and, uh, titillating.  I heard he’s a big star now – as part of the four-boy song-and-dance act BoyzFrenz, which is “making a big splash in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.”  Recently, he came back for a vacation and now he’s on an Asian concert tour with the popular group.  I bet he’s the sexiest guy in that pack. And what can I say – way to go, Lance!

Redux: Geoff Taylor

Here are more images of sexy model and singer Geoff Taylor. Of course, he can smack-dab fit into those speedo-style briefs, no matter how tacky and garish they are. That is because he used to be a model prior to joining showbiz as a singer.  The 5’11”-tall native of Tuguegarao, Cagayan is now busy concentrating on his singing career by appearing in out-of-town shows.  With such looks and talent [and bod!], Geoff Taylor will soon be on his way to fame. 
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